I hate Ebay!


Grrr! I just paid $222.50 for this months fees. I think I’m gunna go throw up now!!!


heres an ebay fee calculator:
http://www.thebidfloor.com/ebay_calcula … ulator.php


Well, I sold 4 babies on Ebay this past month. (one was a relist). I used the featured catagory, so each listing was like $35 in fees, not including the final value fee. I also sold 10 kits. This was the highest monthly bill I have ever had and it really erked me to pay them that much money…knowing full well, they also got a cut off my paypal. It’s usually about $125 each month. This one hurt. Physically hurt me to pay.


Lara, you have my every sympathy. My ebay invoice last month was £125. I don’t even want to think about PayPal charges.


If I can be the glass half full gal. At least you are selling your beautiful babbies for enough to have those sorts of fees. I think my highest invoice was less that $70.
I wish there was a better place to sell, but it seems like Ebay is it.




I just got my bill for $37 no sales, but a bunch of watchers and a few bidders who wanted to pay $37 tops for a hand painted, hand rooted, one of a kind doll… go figure!


Wow Lara so sorry!!! Ebay got me for $79.00. For two babies i sold. It’s getting really bad. Takes the fun out of it! LOL


This sounds terrible!! Are you making any money at all? I’m scared now!



There has got to be a better place to sell reborns then on E-bay!!! I wonder if we can all come up with new ideas. Of course it is because of E-bay that I found out about reborns. It is so frustrating that we need a horrible site like E-bay to promote our dolls.


Does paying the extra money for a featured listing really make much of a difference? When I am looking at dolls on ebay I SKIP the top part which is where the featured ones are listed cause I know they are just gonna pop up again when I scroll through all the others. I look with the “ending first” list and just go in order of ending dates. I see dolls listed in the featured section all the time that are at $75 - $100 and I just cant see paying $60 for a doll kit, rooting the hair, doing all the painting, investing in the clothing AND paying $35 to list for it not to sell or to sell low.


I feel pretty lucky my last invoice was for 47.00. I have not used the featured listing in months, it is a total rip off. If you are not a powerseller with high DSR’s or a top rated seller you get little exposure.
You also get discounts for being a powerseller. I had it but when I took my vacation I missed a couple of weeks which lowered my sales for that month so I lost it, they are Jerks


Does anyone know how to get in touch with MsSunny? Or have any information on her? I PM’d her with no responce…thanks