I HATE Blinkin!

So I am working on Blinkin and I absolutely Hate Him! I am so frustrated right now. The torso body is horrible! No offense to the sculpt, its cute. I just hate working on it as a reborn. Just trying to put the limbs back on the torso, and it was so hard that I couldnt do it. Had my husband do it, and he struggled too. In the end, the paint that I work so many hours to perfect, was scratched up and now I am so upset. I know there is a cloth body for blinkin, but I feel like that just defeats the purpose of even buying the doll. So right now, I am just very upset. Mainly for the fact that I worked so many hours painting him, and now hes ruined.

So about that. I am sure it is very frustrating. Maybe you will be able to do little touch-up. Did you heat the torso first?

Others have said they put it together while the parts were still warm so there would be more give?

well i havent been using the genesis paints because im pregnant. i switched to luminaire cuz you can just thin them with water and not chemicals. i dont think i can put the baby in the oven because these paints are different and i dont want to mess him up more. but i have thought of it.

You should let the pieces cure for at least three weeks before manhandling them.

I started out using GHSP & due to the health issues I had with the numerous bakes that had to be done with the process I switched to the air dry paints. I have used LDC, Bloomers & Bows, JoSonjas & Liquitex & I always let them sit & dry for at least 14 days. I seal them with the genesis matte varnish & I use the genesis thinner which is non toxic. So I only bake once which does not have the same effect on me as baking several times. I have been doing this for about 2 yrs & the 1 bake has not harmed the air dry paint. I had read some where that using baby powder helps slide the limbs back onto the torso.

Thanks for the advice rainbow! Maybe I will try that. I might try to tackle my blinkin again soon I’ve just been to frustrated with it to mess with it anymore. Today is my last day of work. My husband and i made a decision for me to be a stay at home wife/ soon to be mom.

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You should let the pieces cure for at least three weeks before [size=14]manhandling[/size] them.

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Okay Karen I am bawhawing here at the computer reading your choice of words for this comment! You crack me up!