I got the glued in hair out woopie


First I pulled as much hair off as I could then I took a screwdriver and scraped the E6000 off the inside. It pulled most of the hair off through the inside. Then I took my husbands electric razor and shaved of the bits of fuzz then I put nair all over her head and let it sit for about an hour. I washed her good with dish soap and she is bald. I let her sit upside down with very hot water in her head and the holes pretty much closed up.

Hey she looks like curly from the three stooges. The alpaca left tiny brown stains in the holes.

Next step will be to root without it showing. Maybe paint hair first? Maybe throw head in box and forget it?


Smear zit cream over her head and let it sit out in the sun for awhile. maybe the spots will go away.


Hadnt thought of that thank you,