I got my swap baby! :) Wanna see?

Got a package today! Inside was a super sweet baby Wanna open her with me?

Knock, Knock, oh no not another package, what did I order Hubby is going to be so mad. Oh wait…I bet it is my swap baby!!!

All wrapped up safe and sound

Sweet card and birth certificate from ******

All swaddled up wonder who it is?


With a flash

Without a flash

Thank you so much Swap buddy!! She is such a sweety, I love her and her outfit is adorable. Thanks again!! This was so fun. Irene thanks for organizing it!

I didn’t include my swap buddies name so I don’t ruin the secret of it all for the rest of the ladies in the swap. I’ll update my post when everyone has gotten their babies.

She is a cutie! I am sure you will enjoy her!!

Awww she is darling!! Congrats on getting such a sweet baby…the artist did a great job on her!

So cute! I thought we were all mailing the same time week of Nov 12th? So we can send out anytime?

Thats what I thought too…I was waiting until Nov 12 to send mine out…what’s with this early shipping?


Misty said you could mail out early if you wanted. But if you don’t to make sure you mail by Nov. 12th so they get there on time and no one is disapointed by not getting their’s.

Your baby is gorgeous by the way.


that was soooooo exctiting!!!
what a precious baby… i loved being able to open her w/ you, that was fun

what are you naming her???

yup, i said you can mail anytime but just try no later then the 12th:))) i want to make sure everyone gets theirs b4 thanksgiving.

i am mailing mine on the 9th, i have a show to do on the 7th and i want to display mine,

no worries though i won’t let anyone handle the swap baby

ya, can’t wait to see more babies:)

Great…I’m so glad we can mail early…can’t wait to send her & see how my swap buddy reacts!

Thanks for the update!


I bet you are ecstatic! That baby is darling!

I forgot to say what a beautiful baby you recieved…she is just beautiful…please post the name of the reborner. your swap partner, if that’s ok now.


She’s adorable! Congratulations!!

i guess it would be ok to post the name of the reborner…

i never listed anywhere the names of who are involved so it should be ok to let everyone know who made your baby.

Thanks everyone she is a cutie! My baby was reborned by Elisha (racing_girl_9) Thank you so much Elisha!!! I think the baby is going to be named Cassie but haven’t decided completely yet.


she’s a sweetie

Darling baby and great job on her too! I love the way you shared with us. I’m sending mine as soon as I finish rooting…so many interruptions this past couple weeks. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Missy, I’m so happy you like her. It was so fun making her for you. I loved the way you shared opening her up. Thank you all for the wonderful comments. I can’t wait to get mine and to see everyone all the other babies.

awww, sweet name for a sweet baby!

babie cassie the first thanksgiving swap baby

can’t wait to see others

Man I wish I could have signed up earlier and partisipated in the swap. This is so exciting I hope every one post their babies when they receive them.

I will probably mail mine off next week. I am trying to find the perfect “thanksgiving” outfit for her /his going home outfit… anybody got anything I could use?

What a sweet baby. Thanks for sharing.

     Hugs tina