I got my swap baby :) :) :) Lots of pics

I remembered the camera just in time - I had already torn off the paper, LOL!

Ok, careful now…

Who is it? Who is it?

Let’s read the note first

Who is it?

Let’s look at the goodies! A dress, and a sleeper, and a pacifier, and a headband!

Now can we see who is it?

OK! Please welcome Kaylee!

It’s Michelle! I got a Michelle!

I LOVE HER! She is perfect!

Hayley Stoker (number318) did a FANTASTIC job. Her skin tone is realistic and there is just the right amount of mottling.

And her nails and tips are perfect. And she has just the right amount of depth to her creases.

And her eyes and mouth have the right “wet look”. And her hair is so cute with the sparseness of a newborn.

I could go on and on! Did I mention I love her?

With the help of my youngest daughter, who held her longer than I did, we changed her clothes and took a few more pictures.

Hayley, thank you so much!

What a cutie. I just love Michelle.

I’m so glad you like her!! She was a real joy to reborn and I definately plan on reborning another “Michelle” kit.

Here are pics from her photoshoot:

Oh you lucky mom!!! That is one very cute and well done baby
Nice work Hayley

Oh my…she may my favorite one yet that I have seen on here! Number318 your photography skills are PERFECT! what are you using under that fluffy blanket to get those so natural poses and what kind of camera/lighting are you using? I vote you to do a Tutorial on photo taking congrats and the pics of your little girl holding the baby doll is priceless! the smile on her face I am sure made it worth every hour it took number 318 to make her. Number 318 you were correct in her being worth the wait

She is beautiful!!! What a lucky lady you are!!!

Congrats!! Beautiful Baby!! I SOOOOOOOO LOVE Michelle!!!

oh she is a beauty. i love that kit, but it is way past my range of what i can spend. the beautiful ones always are. i am very happy for you. god bless you all, vesta

please pm me so I can give you my addy so you can ship her here:)))

remember I have godmother rights:))))))

you and I both got stunning michelles!!! I had a lady over the other night for a pearl party and she fell in love w/ mine that shuree made and wanted to buy her… heck no, thats MY MICHELLE!!!


Awee thank you all! I’d be happy to do a tutorial for photos/poses lol. I’m pretty new myself with the poses but I have some pretty good ones to show. =]
I have her laying in Kicker’s baby swing. It has a boppy-like pillow at the head and curves up at the bottom, so thats makes it perfect for the “curled” laying baby look. I just laid a blanket over it and it looked nice that way. I took the pics in my kitchen in front of the big window. I opened the blinds all the way and the sun was on the other side of the house + it was cloudy but not too dark outside. That made really good lighting.

well you totallly outdid your self!

Awww How beautiful! Who makes the Michelle sculpt? Adorable

She is made by Evelina Wosnjuk.

Okay, thanks! The sculpt kind of reminds me of the Vanessa sculpt by Adrie Stoete.

WOW, what a gorgeous baby!!! Congratulations!!! I LOVE her!!

Congratulations! She’s gorgeous and I know you are thrilled! Great job on her, Hayley!

She is so cute!!!
Congratulations, and thanks for sharing.

Your a lucky mommy. Are you in Iowa? I noticed your T-shirt. I was born there and lived a lot of years there. The last place was Waterloo.

Lucky girl! You’ve got a beautiful baby there!

Thank you, everyone. I am a lucky mommy, I just love her.

ladyks22, no I don’t live in Iowa - I live in Illlinois - I wondered if anyone would notice that t-shirt It was a souvenier from a vacation that my mom took my girls on.