I got an OVEN - replacement for NuWave


I have force cured (Nuwave) BabyFX and Miracle Blend with zero color change but I cant speak for the other air dry paints.
I have also blow dried between layers…works great.


Thanks! If I decide to try it I’ll let y’all know what it does with Liquitex. At this point I’ve had more nays than yays, though :joy:


Yay! Do we have to worry about fumes with the ovens?


The fumes come from the vinyl and not the paint. And you’re only baking once to force cure in 8 minutes rather than waiting 2 weeks (or baking every layer for that matter). With blow drying to fast dry there aren’t any fumes


This guy uses a drying box for ghsp. He paints on canvas but it’s big enough to dry a bunch of dolls. He uses a rubberized heating blanket in a wood box. I bet that works too. Are there fumes heating them in this oven? I can blow dry if there are.


I’m starting to feel stupid rereading your post lol.


We were talking about force-curing air dry paints as they take about 2 weeks to fully cure. And you can force-dry between painting layers with a blow dryer. But if you’re talking about and using GHSP you’ll need to bake each layer in a Nuwave-type oven to cure. Blow drying wont get hot enough- unless you have a heat gun.


I don’t use this anymore.
It got to where it wouldn’t shut itself off (I mean, the timer didn’t work…)

I use a NuWave now.


I had an oven like this for my first one. The heat was so uneven and unpredictable it melted a lot of kits on me. When it finally burned out, I got a NuWave and wished I would have know sooner how much better it was. I would have thrown that first one in the garbage long before it died and got myself a NuWave immediately. There is no comparison.


Thank you for explaining it more. I get it now!


My generic one last longer than my nuwave. never melted anything. lol
The timer messed up so I used a different one. Then the heating element quit. But it was fine for about 2 years.
My nuwave stunk soooo bad, gave me headaches and the dome cracked on the second bake.

So I bought another generic one. this time with digital settings… So far just fine.

I prefer the glass bowl kind, and no nasty smell or headache.


My NuWave doesn’t smell. There was always a bad vinyl smell with the old oven because it was always heating the vinyl too hot. I would always have the heat set in the same spot, the oven would just turn on when the timer was set, and I would have to sit and stare at my thermometer because the temperature would fluctuate 200 degrees. When your oven spikes over 400 degrees, your baby melts in a flash. With my NuWave I can put a baby in and walk away with confidence that the temperature will remain constant. I never have to babysit a baking baby anymore. I had my old oven for 2-3 years before it burned out and I’ve had my NuWave for 3-4 years so far. I will definitely get myself another NuWave if something happens to this one. I will just be hoping that yours was just a lemon and my next one is dependable like the one I have now. The one thing I did like about the old glass bowl was that it was clear so it was easier than this amber colour to see the baby through, but that’s the only positive. I also find the NuWave bigger and haven’t had a problem so far baking all parts of a kit together. The biggest one I’ve put in there so far was Sweet Pea.


What’s the brand you use? Thanks!


This is the one I have right now. The digital setting move in increments of 25° I think…
So I bake at 275° for 8 minutes (there is no 265)
I have had no issues melting anything etc.
It comes with a glass bowl then the metal extender ring goes on top of that then the heating element/lid on top of that.
It is smaller than a nuwave so I bake the head and arms first and the legs next. Depending on kit size.

With all of this said I do hope to buy a dome replacement soon and try my nuwave again. I hope it was just a faulty dome and that is why it stunk and cracked. It was clear on a nuwave pro plus.


Yes, maybe it was faulty. Why didn’t you try to return it if I cracked on the second bake? I could see if it was older and then cracked, but on the second bake that’s still brand new! I did see the older NuWaves were clear. I would have preferred that, but it’s not a huge issue especially since I’m not sitting staring at my baby while baking anymore.

I think this was the first one that I had. https://www.amazon.ca/Fagor-America-Quart-Halogen-Tabletop/dp/B0030EG016/ref=sr_1_26?ie=UTF8&qid=1534053389&sr=8-26&keywords=halogen+oven

I almost forgot I actually bought one of those oil-less fryers, I think it was Big Boss but can’t remember for sure, just before I got the NuWave. It was basically the same oven and wasn’t any more reliable than the first one. I tried to make one baby it in and got rid of it and ordered the Nuwave after I read how great NuWave was working for other reborners.

I wonder if anyone else has had a NuWave problem like you? I only came across good reviews when I was researching years back and haven’t come across any opinions since.


@nikkiroc LOL

She has broke sooo many or they broke themselves;) lol Sorry Nik

I was disgusted with the stupid thing and didnt care to call the support line. lol
Now it has been months and my other oven works just fine. So I just put it off, then my 5 kids were home for summer and loud and I hate being on the phone when they are in the background…
I actually looked up the number today and then seen they are open Mon-Fri. So I planned to call tomorrow then my bubble was burst when I found out today (well now yesterday for me) was Saturday… hahaha. Been a long week… I was skipping a whole day


Hahaha ya, I get you. With the kids out of school they days are all the same. A couple weeks ago it was Monday and I thought it was Thursday already.