I got an OVEN - replacement for NuWave



I got my new oven today!
Thanks to @jlesser, I ordered this new oven from Amazon and it looks to be of better quality than the NuWave. Its bowl is glass, not plastic - the one thing I was concerned about was how large the bowl is - it appears to be as large as the NuWave.
I’m so glad it FINALLY came!

This is the one I ordered: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B014UO0KW4/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


Yay! Happy painting!


Glad you posted this. I’m oven shopping because im looking to force cure my air dry paint, plus am thinking about using genesis products to seal. My air dry varnish is just not matte enough.

Found this on eBay, but don’t know if it’s the right one. Yours looks better with the glass bowl and all.


Awesome! If you have time, please post a review. This oven is so much cheaper than the NuWave that it would be nice to hear about some alternative ovens that also work well.


@amgarlough So far I’m quite pleased with it. For those interested, here are some pics that show you the size of the interior…
Baking the Leah kit

Side View


I have that oven. Same size and model. I love it


I have never used one. Does this thing have a timer on it?


Yes, it does, @DollyPardon


Awesome! Thank you SO much! The pics are extremely helpful as well :slight_smile:


For bigger kits I do the legs in one bake, the arms and head in another, etc. I LOVE the glass bowl ones and NO horrible stink like I got with my nuwave that I bought for around $100 and it broke on the 3rd use… (The dome cracked on 2 sides where it attaches to the heating unit.


Oh nice! Can’t wait to see what you create with your new oven! Who are you going to paint next


@katieperry If you’re speaking to me - LOL - I have a Leah and a Shyann going ATM. :smile:

Oh and I’m also redoing Sugar’s hair but I’ll finish that with a heat gun, I imagine…sigh


Yes I was :slight_smile: I just ordered a Leah too! She will be here tomorrow. Never made a Leah before. Her face is so cute and a nice sculpt!


@Simone, do you not put an oven thermometer in the oven?? I think you should so you can make sure it is reaching temp. I have an oven thermometer in mine just to be sure.


@lynn I HAVE an oven thermometer but it’s at home right now. I’m in a different state than where I live ATM. I’ll probably pick one up in the next day or so…


I love Leah. Her limbs are a bit weird, but it all works. :grin: @katieperry


Oh good, I thought maybe you didn’t have one and that’s risky. Glad you’re all set to go then!! Happy Reborning!!


If I bought an oven to force cure air dry paints, how does it work? How long do you bake and how hot? Just at the end or throughout the process?
Thanks! Tiff


I’m not exactly sure. I have been blow drying between layers and using less retarder, so I’m good to go @ZeldaDawn. I think @Sony72 is familiar with the process. Maybe she can help.


I may have found the information that I needed. Thank you!