I got a Knitting loom set




Jealous!! Let me know how you like them!


One of my works in progress lol between rooting and painting I am working with my loom and here is what I have done on my yarn doll .
She still needs her arms,bra,skirt , facial features and of course hair so pretty much everything she is in her torpedo look shape :smile: dividing time doesn’t get things done faster in this case .


Finally done some cable stiches !


At first I was like…”Whaaaat” lol! She is going to be adorable when you get her finished


Wow, loving this outfit!!


Beautiful I knew you would get it down !


lol Thanks I hope so as I said she is in the torpedo stage right now you have to really think to tell what she might be later .


Not looking so much like a torpedo now that she is finished looks fishy too bad you cant see the shiny thread in her fins oh well .
And parts of her face looks like dead fish color lol oh well never said i could do good photos .


Beautiful! She is really cute !


Thanks she looks better than the first picture I showed I guess you could say she evolved lol


Love it!




Adorable :heart_eyes:


Thank you !


So this is directed at anyone I just wondered would a store bought manila bubble wrap envelope be enough protection for my knitted mermaid or should I go with something sturdier to send through mail ?


Man, @marrabo, I thought that first picture was a sperm or something…:rofl::rofl::rofl: Now I see. She’s cute now. :grin:


LmAo… hilarious!!!
@marrabo she is AWESOME!! I think a padded Manila would work!


Thanks @nikkiroc she is fun lol


Lol yeah I know I did say it was her torpedo phase :smile: Thanks