I got a Knitting loom set


Why didn’t I think of that, lol!


You could also do a larger loom because it is worked flat instead of round just don’t use all the pegs unless you want to .
I think I used 9 pegs for the shoulder and 10 or 12 for the neck then increased until I was doing the whole lower part .


Oh! I need to make a few outfits for Jasper, that is why I asked.


Jasper is a smaller one isn’t it ? you might be able to use a 24 peg loom working flat or in sections .


Yes he is 14 inches. Thanks for the info! Going to look up a pattern.


Trying this one!


Good choice and so versatile .


I use this patern for this. It’s easy and I love the result. I use crochet cords instead of buttons. Next time I will make the sleeves longer.


I got the feet added to this pair of pants now so next up will be feet in the white pair any who Neesy has warm feet now :smile:

Okay Edit to add my white pants finished all the little feet are covered now .


@Bellybutton so nice, is that a diaper cover? Love the hood too!
@marrabo they look so cozy comfy. You outdid yourself, lol.


Thanks ! I like to keep my babies happy and warm :smile:


Thank, yes it is a diaper cover and a little bonnet.


I saw this on Facebook just now. Some of y’all need to make something similar. :heart_eyes::unicorn:


Love it!!!


This is a cute idea!


I love it, I need to get my brain wrapped around increasing and decreasing better before I attempt a project like this. OR do it and get better lol!


I got my 12 peg loom today! This top is taking me forever, lol!


Be well worth it :smile: and I find the smaller looms are my favorites


Have you guys seen the newest baby looms from KB?!!


Wow, these are exactly what I need! On my wish list now!