I got a Knitting loom set


First attempt. Not so pretty. Modeled by Lavender WIP.


First attempt is pretty good and your fast with it too congrats keep going .


Really nice !


Nice hat @TrinityCrystal


Thanks ladies! I may attempt another one tonight after I get all my “chores” done. It was pretty fun.


I love it!


I didn’t get a chance to knit again until last night. I waited until morning to take a picture, as I didn’t want to wake my daughter by going into her room for a suitable model. I ended up with a preemie hat instead of a newborn hat. I like the purl side better, but I don’t know how to make the brim roll the other way.


Good job ! I have made some that come out smaller also but no problem I have all size babies lol if you check you tube videos you can see how they do a turned up brim .
My directions would be a bit confusing most likely but it is easy to do you just knit your first rows until you get the length long enough that you can put the loops of your first row on the loom pegs on top of your working pegs and knit them together and finish the hat from there .


That’s a perfectly clear explanation. I’ll give it a try, thank you. (Edited to ask: Will that allow for a reversible hat? I love the look of the purl stitch)


No but the brim will not curl and it gives it a good look why not just try turning the hat inside out ?


I’m still really new to this whole thing. Thanks for the pointers.


I finished my second pair of pants I still didn’t put feet in them lol oh well that can be done later so Jakob has new threads :smile: .


You rock !


I slipped a loom in the traveling box before I taped it up today!


Ooohhh! Excellent plan! I wish I was in on this box. :heart:️️


I cleared it with Ashley but I figured as big as this thread is someone will want it, even though its technically not reborn related.


Sure it’s reborn related. It can be used to make reborn clothes. I’m sure it will get picked quick.


Yeah, that’s true!


Beg to differ reborns need clothes right ? also I like to differ :smile:


Lol, yes that’s true!