I got a Knitting loom set


Doll number 1


@Anne I have a little clicker thing that counts your stitches. They make others at the craft stores but I like this one best.


This doll is so nice ! I like the color very much !


Sweet !! your moving right along :smile:


Maybe a row marker but make be faster to write it not sure…


Oh yeah I have one of these somewhere I completely forgot about it!


If I am following a pattern I just jot down numbers for entire stitches used and mark the stitch with a large P , K or whatever each stitch is and cross off as I progress .
I have a problem being distracted by people or the phone and what not so it helps to know what I just finished .


I used to do that, but I am so distracted that I forgot to mark it…:smile:that’s why I prefer crochet. It’s easier to see the stitches and count the rows !


@Renauta427 I love the clicker, I am going to get one on my next Amazon order. Thanks!
@Bellybutton Thanks, I like this new craft.
@Reefbubbles I was marking down as I went along and I would drop the pencil drop the loom and the paper would fly away, lol.
@marrabo I was getting distracted by puppy, people and phone that’s why I had the dropsies.


Yeah I find that with my pencil paper thing I can look and count forward from last one to see if I messed it up or not its a lot easier than counting on my fingers :smile: and my memory .


I use a tally counter app on my phone, it’s free.


Good idea!


I LOVE HIM @Anne!!!


Thank you! Now I have to make something pink.


The little socks I made on the 12 peg loom fit Darren perfectly! I can’t wait for him to wear them when he’s done


I started a simple scarf! Even though I can knit with needles, this doesn’t require as much concentration…and I love that!


Beautiful texture love it


No I dont


Love the scarf, no counting rows, lol!