I got a Knitting loom set


Thank you for the links, going to check it out right now.


@MilosMeadows you must show your hat


I will in the morning :slight_smile: It’s very late lol


@Anne Here you go lol The blue one was the first one I made and I made the yellow one after I figured out what I was doing lol


Love em, especially the yellow one lovethe stripe


Thanks :slight_smile: I’m finishing up another one now lol Then I’m going to try something a bit different


Oh too fun, share away please!


I’m addicted already lol I wanna go buy more yarn colors :laughing: I only bought blue,pink,yellow and white to start with


I find yarn quite often at goodwill too


I got mine at walmart super cheap. We don’t have goodwill here, and our thrift stores are usually pretty pricey still, so you save almost nothing buying there :confused:


How nice, I can’t wait to make some hats!


I found this one at Joanns the other day -they had a sock one too -I may have to check back and see if they still have it - I glanced over the instructions but looks greek to me lol - I ll have to wait until I can concentrate to give it a try and watch a few videos -love what everyone has made so far !!


I watched a video on YouTube now I’m ready for my Loom tomorrow! Friday!


I whipped these up yesterday with the little 12 peg loom so you cam make matching hat and socks @Anne and @MilosMeadows this is the first try on this pattern and it went pretty quick .


I think those are so sweet and cuddly, may we see them on :heart_eyes::blush:


Quick pic didn’t want to wake the baby but you can get the idea :smile:


:laughing::heart_eyes:just the look I was hoping for, they are adorable. What type yarn did you use is it baby yarn?


Cute! The Loom I am getting does not have the 12 peg with it. i will have to get one.


Thanks ! just used the cheap worsted weight # 4 and only one strand instead of doubled yarn @Reefbubbles and @Anne I had to buy mine separate as well they call it the flower loom on some because you are suppose to be able to make flowers with it .


Is it pink, the loom?