I got a Knitting loom set


Are you sure you will be able to keep them…your grandchildren might have another idea😉


Well truth be told the same grandson who took my first bear is trying to talk me out of the replacement one lol not bending and he isn’t into girl dolls so think I might be safe with him.
But my daughter is another thing lol we shall see but I think she is big enough she can make her own if she wants one :smile:


Too funny, he sounds like a fun lil guy, a character


So okay I know I said I was good on the dolls @Reefbubbles but that was before I saw the comfort dolls :smile:
so maybe I am done now lol.

Takes so little yarn on this one and you can throw all your colors in as well so you get a doll you get a doll and you …


I think there is should be categorized under controlled substance because it is terribly addicting :laughing:. You are making it very hard for me to choose which doll to try now!
I did find a use for a hat that I did a few too many rows on the loom amid it is too long for a newborn.



Good one !! you have now invented the knitting loom rooting cradle :smile:


That’s it! I put some fiber fill in the bottom of my bowl and voila :grin:


Another cute doll @marrabo Great invention @Reefbubbles


Thanks !


@Renauta427 I was wondering about this as well?


The stitch doesn’t matter so much as the gauge of the loom. The gauge is measured from the center of one peg to the center of the peg next to it. These round basic looms are 5/8". The loom I am using above is a 3/8" which will make a smaller stitch. You can however it you just want the stitches to be fuller and not as “airy” you can double #4 yarn or use bulky yarns #5 or #6. Does that make sense? You should always work up a swatch before you tackle your own project by doing 10 or so pegs and go a few inches and then you can see 1) what the stitch/yarn combo looks like and 2) calculate how many stitches per inch you are getting so you can figure out how to make whatever you are attempting the correct size. Obviously if you are following a tutorial they have already worked all that out.


@jeanhai see above. Sorry I didn’t see your original question.


Thanks. I understand what you mean but I’m wanting smaller, finer stitches, close together. I haven’t found any looms that look like you can get that effect. I’ve been looking but the looms seem to be for worsteds and bulky knits.


I would be interested in a lot like that too, I have a nice amount of sport or baby yarn.


I’ve been doing more research. I think a sock loom might work for smaller yarn. I found one at JoAnn’s (online only) that the peg spacing is .1875 inch. for $11.24. Knitpicks has an Ultimate Oval Knitting Loom Set with 2 looms, for small gauge projects for $19.99 but it doesn’t specify peg spacing. I e-mailed them for that info.


Cindwoodlooms.com has the top of the line looms. They also have every gauge you could want. Also there are kisslooms.com which produce the closest stitch to needle knit and they also have small gauge. There’s are actually adjustable gauge, they are a little different type of loom i have a few of those as well. My favorite are the cinDwood.


These are small gauge round looms. They make nice stitches.


Finally ordered mine! It will be here Friday. You all are making me jealous of all the nice work! @nikkiroc How are you and your Mom doing with yours?


I got mine today at walmart lol I’ve already made two little hats haha The first one turned out too small for a newborn, more of a preemie size, so I put it on my kitten lol