I got a Knitting loom set


I used single strand for the kitten. I made a couple hats and I did use double strand. I do whatever she says to in her video. I am new to this…do different stitches come off looser or tighter on a loom? Did that question make sense?


I have just watch some random video on youtube, it’s kind of new to me too. I know different stiches but only use chunky yarn.


Thanks for the info :heart:️:heart:️ Will this yarn work for the kitten?


It will work fine. Usually people buy #4 worsted weight yarn because you tend to get more in a skein so it’s more bang for your buck. Can’t wait to see it. I was coming on this thread to ask if you got your looms!!


That’s a lot of yarn!!


I didn’t make a kitten so I figured that was not a question for me :smile: and I don’t always follow directions I get side tracked with wonder if this might work sometimes it will sometimes it wont lol.


I missed This! Super cute!


I’ll let you know how it does!! Thanks for bang for the buck tip! :heart:


That is going to make an adorable kitten. It will probably just turn out slightly larger than mine being it is 1 size larger yarn. Will probably be easier to work with. Cannot wait to see


I have that also and make buntings for my babies. It is cheaper and more personal than the cheesy baby blankets they sell these days. I buy a skein of yarn for $4 and do 2 colors with a ribbon to thread threw and can make 2 or three buntings. The hats come out really nice also. I used all 4 to see the sizes they came out to be. Its quick and easy and you can do it without counting stitches. LOL


What size loom do you need to make small stitch items with baby yarn? Or can you not use baby yarn?


Not all yarns are washable. The labels have little pictures that show what you can do to it. If the washtub or machine has an X through it, it’s not washable. Anything that has an X through it you shouldn’t do. Iron Xd-don’t iron, dryer Xd-has to be air dried, etc. I don’t know what the triangle represents.


I believe the X through the triangle means no bleach!! (@nikkiroc @jeanhai)


@nikkiroc My favorite yarn is Red Heart because it stretches out the least, colors stay true and it does good in the wash. I never dry in the Dryer.

I haven’t put my order in yet. Can’t wait to see what you do with yours!


I would be interested in knowing that one as well .


Finishing the fronts on my bigger project and ran out of matching yarn so until I get around to going for more yarn I finished my girl doll this is violet .


She is so cute! I love the buttons!


Thanks ! that was one of the suggestions in the video I decided to go with might put some on Jazz too lol now the hair I combed it when I was done for a bigger effect :smile:
I also combed my bear to make it fuzzy lol but it didn’t go very fuzzy .


Oh my goodness, I love your dolls they are just adorable!!!


Thanks ! I have one of each now boy and girl so think I am good for now on the dolls lol