I give up....what is wrong with her?

It’s your auction layout. I don’t want to have to click on pics to see them bigger. I want to see the big pics right in the auction. Okay just tried clicking on your pics and the first few are basically the same size when you click to see them bigger. You need lots of big pics so ppl can see all the details. Also in one pic her bangs are really straight and blunt across, and not very flattering…I would take that pic out. She is a beautiful babe and I really think that the layout is the problem.

Karen I agree, you need some large pics of her, because she really is very cute, I have put my mckenzie on 2 times I think, just had a couple watchers, NO bids, lol, there are a lot of babies not getting any bids, and then there are some getting low low bids,

Karen I think your baby is beautiful. I think the problem may be the clothing.
The outfits are cute but I don’t think they enhance your babe at all.I think
something in a soft pastel might suit her better.The bright pink gives her a pink cast KWIM? I normally don’t post advice,
but I have always loved your babies and I really want her to do well for you.Hugs

I’m by no means an expert but if I were looking to buy a baby I think it’s her hair that would turn me away. Your painting is to die for! You did an excellent job painting her. It’s just that her bangs are a little short and cut straight across. Maybe if you style her hair a bit, like putting a curl or at least a bow or headband. You could try giving her a little “Pebbles” style hair do. Anything to kind of spruce it up a bit. That’s just my opinion. Because I really think the painting is fabulous.

**Don’t know a hill of beans about auctions etc, but I just wanted to say that she is a real cutie and if I had the money I’d buy her! **

Hi, I too don’t usually butt my nose in but being you are upset and asking for advice I would like to try to help you out a bit. Firstly just so you know I have been selling my babies on Ebay for a lot of years and have learned a few things along the way.
Okay I agree with the others here. I didn’t like what I was seeing for pictures. Some were not very clear on my monitor until I had to click on them to enlarge. People lose interest if they have to work to see what you are offering. Many go on Ebay and are in a hurry so the faster they can see what you have the better.
I always have used Rob’s help for both my auction listing and picture hosting. Fabulous to work with and very easy too. The builder is by donation if you want to and the picture hosting is only $8.00 a month. Best money you will ever spend!
Next, I also agree about the hair. Maybe a little bit of layering? Have you ever tried 24/7 Creme Sunsilk De-Frizz leave in conditioner for your mohair? In a green bottle. Get some of that from Wal Mart and put a small spot of it in the palm of your hand. Use a damp very soft old clean tooth brush and rub it in the conditioner. You will be surprised what you can do with it in the hair plus using a toothbrush to comb and style your mohair. Works better than anything else. I used to find these tooth brushes at the dollar stores. They have the straight across bristles. Don’t get the conditioner on the face if you can help it. If you do, just wipe back off with a damp cloth. Style the baby’s hair with a bit of up sweep on top of the head or something. Make the baby look like she is going out somewhere special! Little bead bracelets look cute too. Make your baby stand out from the rest! There are endless so so babies on ebay going no where! Hope I didn’t step on any toes but the competition is very stiff out there right now.

I use seller source book for all my auctions and love it, I bought a reborn template on Ebay and the seller loaded it up to Seller Source for me, gives my auctions a bit more proffessional look

Your baby is beautiful
Hugs Julie

Please dont get mad because you asked for the truth. It just may be me but when an auction for a BB kit has a high starting price I just pass it by.

I use photobucket for hosting and really find it easy to work with. I haven’t tried anything else because that’s worked well for my templates.

Just curious DebiC. What do you consider a high bid for BB kits? I love their kits and usually start my bidding from $99.00 to $125.00 which barely covers materials.

I think that just as much work goes into a BB kit as any other kit and no 2 babies ever turn out the same, you do have to take into account what the kit has cost and work out your price from there,

Sorry the first posting was deleted so you didnt have much info to go on. This auction started at $175 for a BB kit.

I think people who collect dolls are more willing to accept a higher starting price on a more expensive desirable kit. The big “But” no matter the initial kit cost the doll must be really well done to bring any high bids. I have seen Lucas kit bring no bids and others who bring close to 1K it all depends on the skill of the reborner to make the kit look real.
I have wondered if its more profitable to use more expensive but more desirable kits or the BB kits which dont bring as high a price. You put just as much work, love and money into making the doll no matter the cost of the kit to begin with. But your BB isnt worth as many dollars as a Yarie kit when you are done. Do you make up the high cost of the kit and then make more profit on top of that or not? I dont know.

Thank you,
I totally agree with that. I’ve seen BB kits command very high prices. And I definitely agree the same kit can look completely different from artist to artist.

Hi, again,
Also debiC I have more expensive kits than BB but I’m really leary about putting so much work into them and not getting enough out. I always think mine are so beautiful and then when I go to look at the ones that command higher prices they are so gorgeous. I think one of my problems is my photography. I think it really takes some talent in photography to give the best presentation to these little babies.

Anyway, I really appreciate hearing your opinion. Very valued to me.

your welcome, I think you are right about the photography being an important part of selling. If the pics are done right you can make a baby look worth more.

The kind of auction pics I pass by are the ones where the baby is splayed out on a big bed in the distance and the camera is pointing up its nose.

It does not make a difference to me regarding what kit it is I start them all at the same price.

Jen I can tell you do a beautiful job. Do you earn more on a $20 kit or a $100. kit?

— Begin quote from “DebiC”

Jen I can tell you do a beautiful job. Do you earn more on a $20 kit or a $100. kit?

— End quote

I always start my auctions at 499.00 no matter what kit I use. I think some buyers just see a baby and it might remind them of someone they know or one of there kids and they have to have it and it does not matter to them how much the kit is.
The baby in my siggy was listed in November and has been the last baby I have listed since as I had 5 custom orders to resemble her, four of them being Shyanns like her and one Arianna.
Her end price was the highest I had ever gotten at the time, she went for 1375.00. I had never that many people bid on my dolls like that before so to say I was shocked was not an exaggeration.