I found something today

I went in Burlington Coat Factory today after lab just to pass some time. They are rearranging the store but I thought they wee going ut of business. Anyway, I had looked at a really cute bassinet in there once… comes with the bedding and everything. It was about $125. Well, today it was $29.98!! I had to buy it LOL. It is pink and girly but I can use it for the grandbaby for a bit ten put my doll in it and use it for pictures as well.

We close on the house tomorrow!! Soooooooooo excited!! Will start moving as well tomorrow afternoon and the rest of the week…with big stuff going this coming Saturday.

I hope to be able to get back to painting soon!!


So glad you got a good deal!! That’s fantastic.

Yay! Always love a deal…don’t forget to post photos… :smile:

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I will share a picture once I get it out of the box. It is still in my trunk since we are moving this week.

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Oh I love a good bargain . . . … a girl after my own heart !! Love to see a photo . . .

WooHoo…so happy to hear about the move to your new home and congrats on the great buy on the bassinet!