I forgot how cute this face is

I am doing a custom Gabriel kit. I forgot how cute the face was.

These are just the 1st wip photos.


Yes he/she is a cutie and you did an amazing job!

Adorable! And I love that outfit! Mind me asking where you got it?

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She is adorable, such a serious gaze :grin::heart:

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What a beautiful baby…definite cute face and you did it justice!

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I believe it came from Pat Pat or Bailey’s Blossom thank you <3


Thank you all so very much

Is this the same Gabriel from BB?


Gabriel is my favorite older BB kit and loved painting him too!

She’s beautiful!! I love the Gabriel sculpt.

Beautiful baby !

Thank you all so much. Yes this is BB Gabriel kit

You did a great job. Makes me want that kit now. :slight_smile: