I finished my Estelle!

That means a lot to me coming from you! I love Estelle, and I will get a Luca next! Those eyes cost me a dollar at a doll show! Thanks!

I love her hair color. Cute pictures!

Naughty little girl, got into mommy’s ribbon. But she is so cute you just can’t get mad at her.

Awwwww she is so sweet, love her little outfits too!

She is sooo cute!! Those blue eyes are gorgeous!!

I love everything about your Estelle…

How cute! Did you root her lashes? They look like maybe you did. Kudos to you if you did! I still need to learn how to do that!

Yep, I rooted them. I hate the applied lashes, but it took some time learning the technique. I went by the Tutorial here on BB and modified it some.
Thanks for the compliments everyone!

she is gorgeous, love her

Very sweet and cute pictures. GET THAT RIBBON AWAY FROM HER, though!!! Whew! That could hurt the lil thing!!! lol…

Where is the rooting tutorial for open eye eyelashes? I couldn’t find it.

Here is the tutorial


i lOVE blonde haired blue eyed babies! Great job!