I feel sooo sad and ashamed, too! Nakie baby sale!


My mommy put me on eBay (I really didn’t want to go there) and I didn’t sellnot for $56.00 anywayso she stripped me of my finery and put me in my underwear. Now I am being sold as a near naked baby. I feel really bad . I am really a very nice baby. I am 20" tall and I weigh 6 lbs 2 oz.; my little head measures 14". I think I am a bargain at $175.00. Here are some more pictures of meOh! yes! I do get a new blanket, a little bunny and a binkieHELP ME



I am so surprised that this little cutie did not sell! Ebay has been going slow for me too. Hopefully with the holidays right around the corner more people will get the shopping bug! Definately relist him, and BOL

OH you poor thing. You just tell mommy that you have to go to Grandma Karens then. She will love you and squeeze you and your name would be Adam. LOLOL

Poor little punkin!

awww that is so cute