I cant find molding man on ebay, need a box of pellets


does anyone else have them in bulk? thanks sharon


He should be there, I just received a box of pellets from him a couple days ago. Here is one of his auctions ending in a day.

http://cgi.ebay.com/50-poly-pellets-for … %26ps%3D63


thank you ladyks, I dont know how I passed him up, got them ordered, thanks again,


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I just got my 50lbs of glass beads today 35cents a pound . You have to order them over the phone ,but they’re awsome ! Makes better heavier weight than plastic pellets and I like the color ! Some are clear and some have a greenish tint (great for orangy kits) .

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Which ones go you get Christine? I want to order some, I am running pretty low! Thanks


…also how much is the shipping & which carrier (UPS, FedEx ,etc.) do they use, I would also like to know which size you ordered.



those look interesting Christine, how much is shipping if they are so heavy? the polly ones I just got were about 36.dollars for 25lbs and that is with shipping. But the glass would be nice if its not to expensive.


Yes i would be interested in those too!! How much is the shipping?