I am soooooo Happy!

So I am on cloud nine I am finally doing wonderful at reborning back in January after only 2 months of reborning I decided to do it full time I had an inhome daycare and decided reborning was just so much more fun… I still got to play with babies all day but these ones don make my head hurt Anyways I was doing onkay selling here and there maybe one a week at $200 but obviously even though my husband works we just could not survive on that… Well I picked up the pase and decided to start actually selling myself I was to nervous to before I was always afraid of people judging me but now I am more sure of myself and am proud to show my work… In the last month I have sold almost all the babies I have done and I am working on 2 custom orders… I am just happy I have a dream job!!! Here are some of my babies Im working on right now…

My sweet Gabriel found his home tonight

lilli Can not wait to start her

I’ve always heard, Find something you love to do to make money, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

It sounds as if you’ve done this! WTG!

Yea for you !!! WTG !!! thats alot of cutiepies !!!

Thank You so much everyone… I truly have found something that makes me fully happy… I wake up and can not wait to start …at night stay up late because I dont wanna stop Maybe a tad bit obsessed But I do take time to love on my real babies and do house work…

Good for you!!!

Congratulations Brandy – you have certainly worked hard and earned the right to be proud of your accomplishments! You have some beautiful little babes and I’m jealous that I can’t just stop what I’m doing now and do exactly what you are doing!!! I wish you all the best and I know you will succeed.

Beautiful! Who is the baby with the big pink flower/bow on her head? I believe it’s pictures 6 and 7 - I LOVE her!

How lovely thank you so much for sharing with us! Thy are beautiful! and you have lilli i am soo jealous of you

The baby with the big plink Bow is Natali Blicks Elise… I am waiting on some more gorgeous hair so I can root her… I am so excited to have Lilli Now I wish I had bought a couple cause she is sold out!!! But Yesterday I went and pre ordered 3 more Claras I already have 2 pre ordered now I have 5 coming my way at the end of March!!! I am in Love I already have one custome Clara already paid for… I love getting to try all these amazing kits

Good for you. I wished I could do reborning full time but I own an insurance agency so not going to happen anytime soon. As my husband says I already own my own business.

Anyway Congratulations on making this you full time job. Your babies are adorable.

Congratulations! I can’t say you’re “lucky,” because it’s all about your TALENT!! (But I can still be envious!) Your babies are beautiful; it’s a no-brainer: your hubby wants you to make him rich so he can retire! BOL Rhonda