I am soooo peeved!

Once I finish a baby, I wrap all the little packages that go with it and put everything in the shipping box, ready to go, with a tag on the outside that tells me which baby is in the box and how much it is to ship it. That way, i can’t put the wrong baby in the box. To calculate the shipping I just use a Massachusetts zip code (I’m in California). It’s usually pretty accurate. If it actually costs less, I refund the difference.

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Yes, I also put every baby in a box and write the certificate, and write the baby name on the flap of the box. And as i only finish one baby at the time, it is very unlikely I would have wrong baby in wrong box, but sometimes I swap boxes, if I have a big baby in small box and then I make a small baby, and the box I have for it is bigger. :smile:

I weigh the baby in the box to enter the weight into eBay listing and they work out the correct postage to wherever the baby goes. People do not like to be charged more postage than it costs.

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I never charge more than actual cost but when I box them up I don’t know yet where they’re going.

Where do you sell? The eBay calculates the postage by the zip code of the person looking at the listing, and when they buy they get invoice with the correct charge…

I sell on reborns.com

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I would do head bands, I only do a magnet in the head for hair bows if I paint the hair. I do head bands for rooted :smiley:


On keepers, I use more magnets so I have both sides and the top but didn’t do it on this last one. Regretting it but not enough to take off her head…yet.

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