I am so ticked off right now

I just got an email from BB where they are going to be selling prepainted/prerooted monkeys for $29.95. All the work I have put into my monkey with intentions of selling him is all for NONE!! there is no way I can sell him for $30 or even $50 (to cover costs of materials outside the kit!!). BB has completely undermined my hopes of getting some extra money for the holidays. I have kept track of ebay and few of the Bindi/Binki’s come up for sale once reborned…I was excited because I was pretty sure I would have a market for my finished monkey…now reborn monkeys will be all over the place. I get having a predone kit for those who don’t reborn but in that case it should be a kit that has not been sold for the sake of reborning. What about all the people who paid for the monkey kit, then bought the mohair and the paints and the eyes and ALL the time they spent on their reborning…they have been completely screwed by this BB endeaver!! The non-perfect ending to a lousy day for me.


Liz you also need to realize that the 30 dollar price is for one day for each monkey and your limited to ONE monkey. So I still don’t think there is going to be a huge flood of them on Ebay.

I agree and I am just as mad about it as you are. I waited months for these kits to come back out and then paid $30 for a kit to hopefully reborn and sell, now I can’t compete with these pre made ones. BB are hurting their kit sales for Bindi and Binki why would someone buy the kit blank if they can buy a made one so cheap. In my opinion and at the risk of being ridiculed by putting it out there I think it cheapens the art.

and also keep in mind not every one visit bb and bb monkey is not finished either…at least that is my understanding.

It is not finished, but it is not far off finished all it needs is a body and weighting. I just wonder how many people will buy these kits and pass them off on ebay as their own. You make a good point that they are only $30 because of the deal of the day, but I also can’t imagine they will be much more expensive when they are normal price and I also wonder if it’s a permanent addition to BBs stock or weather it is just for a limited time only.

Well, I looked at the finished monkeys and while they are cute they do lack some of the detail that the ones produced by members I have seen here have. I don’t think they are going to appeal to those who want a really detailed looking monkey with lots of fur. I also agree that 24 hours and 1 monkey each is not going to do that much damage in the end. Probably a lot of people will be buying these for kids or to go back and enhance the coloring more to their own liking and then putting them on Ebay for more money.

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Well, I looked at the finished monkeys and while they are cute they do lack some of the detail that the ones produced by members I have seen here have. I don’t think they are going to appeal to those who want a really detailed looking monkey with lots of fur. I also agree that 24 hours and 1 monkey each is not going to do that much damage in the end. Probably a lot of people will be buying these for kids or to go back and enhance the coloring more to their own liking and then putting them on Ebay for more money.

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That is pretty much what I was thinking when I saw the completed kits Anj. The reborners are going to produce much more detailed completed products than the mass produced and I have a friend who has talked about doing them for her kids. Now, for the price of the kit she can get them almost complete and they would be perfect for a 6 yr old and 4 yr old. That way the Mom’s aren’t going to have to hold their breath everytime the child plays with the monkey and think “Ackkkkk, there goes all my rooting” and such.

It is refreshing to me not to have to pay upwards of $300 for something I really like. I am finishing a Bindi myself, that I bought the kit for, but I saw this deal for the day and I got another one for myself.
If I were to sell my Bindi, which I am not, I would put the price that I feel I deserve on her anyway. She is my own artwork and I would say so in my auction.
As to whether people will try to profit on the pre-painted/rooted ones or not, that is not a concern of mine. People buy what they want to anyhow.
Sorry that some feel they have the market cornered because they spent more than others to make a monkey, but I am grateful for this chance to own both monkeys at a most reasonable price. And I do expect to have to enhance the pre-painted/pre-rooted one.

Also, if you look closely, they are not micro-rooted. They are only rooted and have alot more than one hair per follicle.
I prefer micro rooting if I buy a reborn in ebay or anywhere else for that matter.

Well personally I think it is a slap in the face to each and every Reborn Artist. I am sure I will have my custom order fall through for the Bindi sculpt because now she can buy it for $30.00 instead of $200.00 (she was supplying the kit etc) I really thought the Deal of the Day was a great idea would drum up business etc for BB. Which we all know with the economy is most likely slowing down. But to mock this Art and offer finished dolls or sculpts that is just wrong. BB customers are Reborners plain and simple. If you want a finished product then AD or LM offers finished products. Whats next finished Reborn Babies? If BB wants to offer finished products to expand his clientel then fine do it with kits that BB has not sold not with ones that BB currently has people waiting to purchase (on the mailing list etc) Do I think that these finished babies will be as well done as REAL Reborns no you get what you pay for. But lets be honest here money is tight for a lot of people right now. I have already slashed my prices to the bare amounts. How can I honestly compete on a Reborn Monkey if the customer can get a so called Reborn monkey for $30.00. I can’t. Not when I am being charged the $30.00 for an unfinished kit. I sincerely hope that Nevin rethinks this.

I here you Liz but I was thinking that people buying the sale ones arent going to buy an expensive one on the internet anyways.They probably dont have the money for that.
Plus I think there was a limited number and this might peak an appitite to own one especially for christmas for kids with the greater exposure.

I am sure doll collectors will value a well made one over a factory made one.

I do not think this was thought out very well. It is not a good thing to tick off loyal customer’s. Not good for business that’s for sure.

You have people who have alway’s wanted one and can not paint them can get one now good and cheap.

Then you have people who will buy them and sell them on ebay as thier own, making it very hard for the one’s who actually made thier’s.

Very double edged sword there my friends!!!

It’s B&B business so they will do what they want.

I was thinking about getting one, but I’m glad I read these posts first. I will NOT buy one. I agree that this is very insulting to the loyal customers who have bought the kits and spent so many hours reborning them. I sure hope they won’t do anything like this again. Their “deal of the day” seems to be about unloading inventory and not about customer appreciation.

So now their going to offer the other one tomorrow!

Thanks ladies.

I just wanted to explain a little bit more why it upset me.

First yes it is for one day, however if it is a success it is fair to say he will do it again.

I don’t have a problem with him offering a premade kit, I know there are people out there who cannot afford reborns, especially now, and I know there are people out there who don’t reborn but enjoy putting a doll together themselves.

The problem I have is that he did it with a kit he had already sold as a blank reborn kit. A blank kit so many paid full price for, and then bought hair and eyes for it, and painted it (or paid someone to paint it for them) and rooted it.

No matter what anyone may say, there will now be an expectation to pay a lot less for these monkeys, no matter if they were reborns. I know now I can’t even recoop what I have spent making this monkey.

I posted this on a couple of forums and A LOT of ladies are saying they are now going to get these $30 premade kits and personalize them for themselves.

As a result, it is likely a lot of custom orders will be canceled. A lot of auctions are going to pop up on ebay claiming the monkey as being completely reborned (and how will anyone really know if it is or not). Finally the expectation now that these monkeys should sell cheaply by anyone who has one to sell will be likely.

I JUST think he should have used a kit he set aside specifically to be used for premade kits, and not a kit he had already placed for sale as a blank reborn kit. At least then if the premade kit popped up for sale somewhere everyone would know it was one of the premade kits and thus charge and pay for it accordingly.

I did write and tell him this.


I totally agree with you on this.

My view on this is this…I am a reborner and I think what they are doing is a great idea. There is always competition somewhere, whether it be in prices or in the artistry of the doll. Customers will still choose to buy what they want or what they can afford.

They are offering choices and running great sales and then they have their excellent customer service and fast shipping that they are well known for. That is a great business to me.

I am also glad that those that can not afford to have a custom monkey finished will have the opportunity to have one of these cuties. And even more special would be a happy child that would receive one as a gift.

Like I said “double edged sword” it has it’s good point’s and bad point’s.

Angela…would you still feel this way after you have spent days and many hours on reborning a doll and just as you were getting ready to sell it BB suddenly came out with the very same kit in premade form? Once a kit, any kit has come out premade the value of that kit as a reborn will plumit. Many people will pass up spending money on a reborn when they can get a premade kit so cheaply, many people will not trust that a reborn up for sale is truly reborn and not one of the premade kits (thus won’t be willing to spend much money on the doll for sale).

Yes this great for people who can’t afford reborns, or want to make their own doll but are not reborners BUT for the reborners out there it undermines their art and their work. As if things were not hard enough to get enough in a sale for reborn to at least cover the costs of making the doll, now reborners have to compete against these premade kits.

It doesn’t matter that the premades are being sold for only one day, once a kit has been sold as a premade, ANY of that kit being sold will be worth less.


…and how will anyone know that the blank kit they bought at full price and spent hours reborning won’t come out as a premade kit, at the same price the blank kits sold for, and suddenly diminish the value of their reborn.

there are long term consequences in this…

Liz, I do understand all the work that goes into reborning and I hear what you are saying. I would think it wouldn’t change your customers mind because she would be wanting your artistry with the doll. That’s why she chose you. I love your work by the way!