I am so sad...maybe even mad! Update..thanks Sandie!

I’m taking Lara’s class and needed the right kit. So because I have to work seven days a week to keep us afloat (DH is disabled) I watched ebay hoping to get a good price on a kit. Well, along came a “Daisy” sculpt. Yippee…it was listed as brand new. I got it today…was soooo excited…until I checked it out thoroughly…well, the little black specks in the leg and a teeny one on the face in a crease I could live with BUT…I turned the head over and…THE BACKSIDE OF THE EAR WAS TORN FROM THE TOP TO THE BOTTOM!! YIKES! Well, I sent her an ebay email about the damage. I told her I don’t think its fair I have to pay postage back…Humph!..the kit was not as she said it was. am waiting for a reply.What do you ladies think? I’ve never had this happen before. Her feedback was great.



I am so sorry this happened to you. I would contact PayPal immediately and tell them what happened, I’m sure they will advise you.

Don’t I have to contact her first before I get Paypal involved? Someone with experience please help me.


In cases likes this I usually do my best to sound upset and disappointed (which I truly am), but at the same time, not to sound accusing AT ALL.

“Hello, XXX. I have just received the kit, thank you for posting her so quickly!!! Unfortunately, as I opened the package, I had such a bad surprise! I noticed this and this and this problem with her… They probably slipped by when you checked her. What can we do about it?”

Apparently you have already contacted her at least once, so, you should wait for her answer to have an idea of how she plans on handling the situation. If she tells you you’ll have to pay for the return shipping, you could just say “Im sorry, but I wouldn’t be sending her back if she were brand new and spotless as described. I don’t think it’s fair that I should pay for someone else’s mistake” or something of that sort.

No matter what you say, always be super-polite (that should take you half way already).

Oh, I am so sorry that happened! You were so thrilled with the great deal on Daisy. I hope it was just an oversight on her part and she refunds you.

that’s awful Jordie, the rip in the ear sounds like it was damaged before. Hope you get this resolved.

That is why I stress so hard to people to please look the kits over you receive very well before selling them or trading because all it does is cost people so much in extra shipping costs. I have tried to get people to pay return shipping when it was their fault. No way. So far I haven’t gotten one person to do it or for that matter any dealers that send you something really crappy. They stick you with th epostage. So unfair. Why should we have to pay when they didn’t check for faults in the first place?

I agree with everyone who said the seller should pay the return postage. She sold defective goods and it is her fault, and I do hope it was an oversight on her part and not an intentional misrepresentation.

I did have a dish company sell me four plates and they sent the wrong ones and they paid to get them back. I’ve had several sellers refund all or part of the funds when they goofed - more returned all of the $ than part of the $ (and they didn’t ask me to return anything). I had a seller send Mohair conditioner and I got an empty envelop and she replaced it. So there is HOPE!

PayPal should have the ability to deal with this - and if they do right by you - we want to know. Maybe the Bountiful Baby Buyers of America can send PayPal an AttaGirl or something.

Do we need to organize against fraud and for fairness?

This is what you do. You and the seller can’t come to an agreement, open a case in the Resolution Center. Call Ebay and tell them what you received and that it was “not as described”. They will ask you if you tried to resolve it with the seller and will ask some other questions. They will then email you a pre-paid shipping label. It really is quite simple to get your money back(-orig ship cost) and not have to pay return shipping.

Best of luck!

gree with all the ladies. Give the gal a chance to respond. One thing to watch though is how much time passes, you don’t want to wait past the time paypal has designated before they no longer act on refunds etc…I think it is 30 or 31 days, find out. I bet the gal didn’t know about this tear and hopefully she will work with you!!


Ohhh…Jordi, sorry this happened to you! Hope it all gets worked out fairly in the end!

I have signed up for Lara’s class as well! Our 2nd reborn class together! Hope it’s fun!

so sorry this happened to you. I hope it gets sorted out quickly!

Well, I received a reply from her. She was shocked it was damaged as she never took Daisy out of the box. It did look like it might not have been totally opened. Apparrently, she bought it from Dolls by Sandie. Sandie wants the kit back to send to the manufactuer. I have it all packed up and ready to ship out. She said she will refund my shipping and the kit cost.
She gave me her email outside of ebay, but I’m only communicating through the ebay email. I think thats the smartest way…I hope. Sure hope I’m not making a mistake here…I am trusting her. I know its a two way street, but I’m nervous. Should I contact Paypal and let them know what’s going on? It cost enough and I want to make sure I get my $ back.
Dang this is a pain in the butt!

I would call paypal and see what they suggest!


If you send it back to Sandie, save the email where the seller is telling you to send it Sandie. I think she is trying to make it right.

Scrummy is correct. We have heard so much about the scammers and their faked innocence at the buyer getting a damaged kit that our instinct is to not trust.

A lot of dealers are asking for the damaged kits back because so many times people are damaging the kits during the reborning process and saying it was a damaged kit. I know because it happened to me. I refunded money and paid to have it shipped back to me and once I got it, I saw that she had baked it too long and had melted it.