I am not a collector...😋


I am an artist , not a collector. So if I keep a few of mine, it does’nt count, right?

There are my babies !

Dominic ( not sure I wil
Keep him, I not loving him as I tought I will)

Joey, now Nicolas, one of my first

Jewel, now Alex, my precious !

My favorite, Gabriel, now Marianne

Joseph, my son Sam’s portrait

I think I will keep this one too

So obviously, I love red/blond heads, 3/4arms, open eyes babies with surprise look !


That’s right, it doesn’t count at all!
I have a few reborns that hang around but I’m not a collector…:rofl:


I don’t blame you for keeping these cuties!


Oh they are so cute!! You seem to be an open eyed girl like me!! I love your jewel also! I have that kit and it looks like she’s next lol! Ty for sharing !


Aren’t they sweet. Keep them all


I know the feeling. I tend to keep several as well, haha.


I have a bunch I have done but “I’m not a collector” either! LOL I tell myself I need examples of my work to show people, but I think I like examples of the work other people (sculptors) do as much or more. I currently have more Bonnie Brown babies than I had of my own real ones! Oh well, at least I’ve got a great portfolio in the crib and cradle!


I found it is hard to be a collector when your an artist. I constantly am trying to redo the baby’s that I collect, or I try to modify them. With that said I do have a small handful I do collect and force myself to just leave them alone…not always a success.


I needed just one or two to showcase my crochet items… Now I barely do crochet anymore, reborning take all my time ! I do only kits I like, maybe its the problem !


Well, I AM doing this to be a collector. :slight_smile: Making them just for me. It is what I want to do. I agree that sometimes trying to sell and deal with the public can lessen or take away the joy of it all. I work at my own pace which isn’t as fast I used to be. This is my 5 year anniversary of being diagnosed CML – Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. My age and other health issues makes it hard for me to do much of anything like I used to or want to. So, I work on mine then if I can’t touch them for several days or several weeks, it is fine. I love that about this hobby.


I’ve got the same problems…wanting to bump up the painting on babies I did years ago and just making kits I really like and then not wanting them to leave. I’ve clearly got some issues! The nest is starting to look like Mother Hubbard is living here!


You HAVE to love making them for the peace and joy of reborning. That’s a good therapy I think.
I sell them only because if not, my family will be soon buried under a ton of vynil babies… I love painting and rooting so much that I can’t stop. I may have tda (trouble de l’attention ), so when I began a craft, I just dive into it with passion.


True – you have to love it. I guess if I run completely out of room in my home, then I would have to sale some or gift them to people. But, I have a lot of room in my home. It is about 2400 sq ft, and just hubby and me now days. So, I can find a lot of places for babies. BUT, I do understand that some of you guys have hundreds (or at least over a hundred) waiting to be reborned. That might become an issue for me to find space for. :slight_smile:


I am almost ready to start gifting, lol.


The funny thing is that I have never liked babies before I have my kids ! :grin:


It’s so hard to sell them! I definitely consider myself an artist and a collector now:)


@Anne LOL! That is probably where I am headed, too!


Guess what. …I will soon have 3 other keepers😄
I have a portrait baby of my daughter to do, one of my oldest son and one of my…cat !
My house is on sale (for more than a year now😑) because I need more space for my hobby (obsession?).
That is as far as I can go :joy: