I am getting annoyed at people - - - -UPDATE

First a woman has been stringing me along with the final payment (another thread) and now today another woman who initially tried to get me to lower my price on a doll, not have to pay shipping, wanted an additional set of clothes - - - finally bought the doll. I shipped it on November 12 and usps says it was delivered on November 14. She e-mails me today saying she never got it and “what is the status”? Good Grief - would someone wait almost 3 weeks before inquiring??? So I sent her a copy of the usps tracking information.

Guess it’s gonna be one of those weeks. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

"Her box was next to my husband’s work boxes. So sorry!!!

Oh, so sorry to hear that! Keep us posted on the outcome.

Oh my, this season seems to bring out the questionable people. Hoping that you can get this resolved. Too bad that you have to deal with this.

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Grrrrrrrrr…tis the season :frowning:

I’ve just learned a valuable lesson from you: always require a signature on shipped items. I’m so sorry this has happened, keep in mind that karma keeps score and in the end it will be a bonus in your favor but she will pay dearly for the deception.

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I may just have to start asking for a signature. But I shipped it in good faith and the post office delivered it. I looked up her address on line and it is a nicely manicured development so it is unlikely that someone pilferred it from her porch. IF it were true that she didn’t receive it (which is highly unlikely) why would she wait so long to let me know? I bet I never hear from her again.

So here is her answer to me: “Thank you. I will look into this and also will check with my husband to make sure he didn’t put the box somewhere.”


If you have the tracking info…Pay pal cannot refund her unless she sends you another package back and uses a tracking number that shows you got something.

GREAT ~ YAY!!! So happy for you!!!

Whew! I am so glad this worked out for you.

Glad she found it - it seems she would have looked there first?

Sounds like something my hubby would do. So glad it worked out. :smile: