Huxley boy photo shoot Pocket Ful of Posies

Wanted to show off my brand new Huxley
Painted by me at Pocket Full of Posies Reborn Nursery. He’s a keeper baby!


He’s beautiful!

I just ordered two kits :slight_smile:


I love this sculpt! I’ve got 2 custom orders off of him. Just a tip I did varnish him before I started and I had no problems that way. Others have had issues with imperfections so I varnished him to begin with and no issues


May I ask if you varnished yours before you started to paint?

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I can see why he’s a keeper!! Wow

A mixture of matte heat set

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What a little sweety, his skin tone is gorgeous. :smiley:

That face is so cute. Now I gotta get him.

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He is cute! Mine is finished too and for all the trouble the eyebrows gave me, I want to paint her again. I think varnishing first would have helped with the eyebrows as well as the spot on her head ( I did not).


I varnished first and it absolutely helped with the painting part but not at all with the brows. Those brows are a pain no matter what you do. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I love him, and I love your Yannik too. :heart_eyes:

Oh shoot! I had hoped that varnish was the solution to dealing with those.

Nope. Maybe some putty or something? And I guess a thick layer of varnish might work. I just used a very thin layer of varnish over my whole kit.

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I didn’t have any trouble with the brows… maybe it will help!
I have 2 customs ordered off him so I’m doing the same varnish with them lol

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What a gorgeous boy! I wasn’t a fan of this kit before, but you’re changing my mind! :slight_smile:

I’m in love for sure! And I love his size!!
3 month and 3-6 month fit nicely


He is so cute. The job you did is incredable.

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Ah I love the bigger babies. You’re making this harder and harder! He might be going on my list now…

thank you!

He’s adorable!! Did you make the Yannik?