Human hair?!


Where is your favorite place to buy human hair for rooting?


Local beauty supply store. I purchased a pack a few months ago for $13 and got a pack last week for $19. Both pack a have three 8" bundles. All brands, styles will vary in price. Some run pretty high in price especially the longer ones. I’ll send a pic of the one that I got last week.


Is that enough to root one toddler to you think? Thank you!!!


I buy that one too. You just have to make sure that the color doesn’t run when wet. Otherwise its a good deal. I have been using my imported bundles lately to root with and it’s super soft but nowhere near as cheap of a price as the Remi short styles.


I usually order mine on eBay… I search for good deals, even when I don’t need hair, So I can save it up for later. I bought some at Sally’s before, but the local Sally’s near me doesn’t have a great selection. Sometimes you’ll find a beauty store/shop closing down on eBay and they want to get rid of the hair at a good price.
I use about 1 1/2 wefts per toddler, if that helps.


I get mine from Aliexpress. You want to get it from ones that say USA shipping so you’ll get it within a few days. If it’s coming from a China dealer it will take weeks before it arrives. I also get it from local beauty supplies.


Thanks for that tip @snuggle2me. I talked to a lady last summer at ROSE that had incredible AA babies. She told me she used human hair from a beauty supply. I want to use soft loose curls…not tight kinky corse hair. Here’s a couple pics of her babies. Sorry I can’t remember the artist name. I’d have to dig out my cards from ROSE. Maybe @jlesser remembers.


Angela Plicka? :wink:


Lol thanks! Ladies…she brought I think 5 or 6 gorgeous amazing babies to the show for “display” only. They were all stunning and Angela was so sweet to talk to you and explain her process for reborning. @snuggle2me she reminded me of you cause she so freely shared. Not that I could ever duplicate yours or Angela’s Work…it’s just nice to have someone share.


I wondered where Angela got the hair for Camilo Pigott. He is so adorable and I love his short kinky curls.


Beautiful babies! I have some curly hair like that. I’ve been wanting to use it. Hopefully soon I will have time. Almost finished with my last custom for awhile so I’ll have some free time to relax and start on my stash of kits lol.


I know the feeling. I stopped long enough the other day to try and decide which kits I want to do for ROSE. For some reason I just can’t decide. It’s adding to the stress of all the other projects I have going. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Gorgeous babies! The brows on Chloe are so natural looking!!


@Summer you should’ve seen her in person
Each Doll was stunningly beautiful. I couldn’t believe she wouldn’t sell them. She could have made lots of money. I think it was her Chloe Blick that won the AA category.


I think they were already bought? Customs that she brought to show her work. I know 2 of them were going on ebay after the show was over.
Also I think Stephanie Oritz bought one while at ROSE. Her English seemed a bit “lacking” so maybe I misunderstood her.


I figured they were probably already sold. They were just amazing.


I can imagine :heart_eyes:
God willing, I WILL be at ROSE 2018 :pray::pray::pray:


I spoke with Angela Plicka at the show and in the little hotel café, she was admiring my Saskia and asked me if she could touch her, I said sure, of course!! She is soooooo nice and her work is WAY BEYOND gorgeous!! She told me the babies I saw at her booth were going on ebay, that’s where she sells. I’m sure her bidding goes soooooo high, lots of money for those babies!!