How would I neutralize this kit

I am using two different legs to show the color, the one on the left is the one I need to neutralize and the one on right is the new BB vinyl and the one on left is the old BB vinyl. Do I neutralize using yellow orch or blue purple or mint wash before I start painting?

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Mint wash on the darker one. Maybe two to three. You can do a burnt umber wash to get the lighter to match the other but I think the mint would be better.

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Here is a link to very simple color theory. It may help you in the future. You neutralize using the complimentary color…the one opposite it on the color wheel.

On my computer, the dark one appears to be a peachy orangish flesh color. The opposite of orange on the color wheel is blue so a blueish type wash would work.


I used the color theory to try to neutralize this kit before and it didn’t lighten it it just made it darker, I completely striped it and then asked here. The blue wash made this vinyl a darker orangish brown and that is not what I wanted but kept doing the washes until but it never lightened not even after 6 washes just kept getting darker.

@specialmoments thank you I will try the mint washes and cross my fingers that it works for me.

It won’t lighten. You have to use some sort of flesh tones if you want it lighter. The flesh sits on top of the vinyl so it can actually lighten a darker kit like this. I’d suggest some baby flesh or flesh 08 and go from there. I didn’t realize you wanted it lighter. Are you trying to match the other limb? If so, I would try to darken the other some and meet in the middle somewhere.

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I use like a light blue green wash to lighten or neutralize my kits. The key is white!!!

The blue one in the pic. I think I use a lighter color now. Let me show you!

It’s like a light blue with a touch of green. It’s slightly lighter in person

Thanks to both of you for being so helpful, I am going to work on this kit for a little bit to get it where I need it to be to start bringing it to life. I don’t need the limbs to match each other as they are from different kits I was just wanting a lighter color to start from so I wouldn’t have to make this baby be hispanic, Indian, or AA.

On the old BB vinyl I have used a wash of Flesh 08 mixed with ultramarine blue until it is a very light sky blue…probably 3-4 washes

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I now have the kit lightened to my starting point. that is now very close to the same color as the lighter leg. I used the mint wash with just a dab of vein blue mixed in to get the a very light blue/green teal color. 2 washes is all it took I am happy to start painting the little baby.

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I have 2 more kits that are the old BB vinyl, but I am no longer dreading working on them after finally being able to lighten this baby.

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I have an old BB Gena. The vinyl is gray and hard. It’s going to be dreadful to start.

The vinyl on this kit is hard too, but I am going to give it painted hair so I don’t have to root it lol.

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I am so glad you worked this out. It is so frustrating to not be able to get the skin tones you visualize on a baby. Have fun from here on foreward!

Thank you, I am finished painting this kit just waiting for glue to dry and for me to get back from walmart with a blanket and an outfit for this little one and then put him together take pictures and submit the pictures for the Christmas Challenge. This baby was definitely a challenge. I will not be making another one of this kit that is for sure.

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Wow! You are fast! I can’t wait to see everybodies Christmas babies.

Not really I was just up late working on him and got up early this morning and finished working on him.

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I’m about to go do the same thing but am sitting here freaking out about Paypal. (See my latest post)