How We Determine What To Put On Sale


Our home page,, usually has two areas that show our sale items. One is for “First Quality” kits, and the other is for everything else. Our new website isn’t quite as automated as the old one for determining sales items, but this is how it works:

The short answer is: we put the items that we have the most “days of stock” on sale, and then pull them off sale when stock drops to a lower level.

But the longer answer is:

First, we run a “Days In Stock” inventory report. The report is based off of sales for the previous 90 days, and it projects how many days of stock we have for each item. Each item also has what we call a “high water mark”, and a “low water mark”, which is a measure of days of stock that triggers whether the item is going to be put on sale (the “high water mark”), or taken off sale (the “low water mark”).

About once a day (but sometimes more often) for anything with more days of stock than the “high water mark”, it is placed on sale. Then, it stays on sale until the days of stock remaining hits the “low water mark”. This means it can come off sale pretty much at any time— depending on sales. For example, if a customer buys a large quantity of something that is on sale, that purchase might immediately trigger it to go off sale (because our remaining “days of stock” drops below the low water mark).

Items with less days of stock than these water marks are never put on sale— until and unless the next received (and inspected) shipment makes it so that the “days of stock” increases above the high water mark. Then it will go on sale (and come off sale when the stock drops below the low water mark).

Also, we do not put anything on the website that is not inspected and ready for immediate shipping. That means that, for example, a kit might suddenly go on sale after it is inspected, even though that shipment had been sitting in the warehouse all long. It is not counted as “ready” until it is inspected.

That’s about the gist of it. Thanks, everyone!

Nevin Pratt, CEO
Bountiful Baby



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