How to weight a memorial baby

So I’m donating a memorial baby to a family that lost there son. There 5 year old daughter wanted a reborn that looked like him and they got scammed by China. So I’m donating this one. They said that the baby weighed 5lb 13oz. How much weight should I actually put in it to make it feel like that weight? Also, I’m worried about him being too heavy for the little girl.


That’s a kind gesture!
3lbs, 3lbs 10oz should be enough. I typically use about 2lbs less than the real weight and it feels right.




I had an issue with this once, I thought in my head I should make it ‘feel’ like the baby who had passed, but the new mom weighed the doll and was upset it wasn’t the actual weight. I’d just ask what the family prefers, to be on the safe side


I would say it would depend on the “size” of the kit you’re using. If it is a 18 - 20 inch kit you could use the full weight of the actual baby. 5 lbs (or little more) is a fine weight for a doll that size. If it’s a tiny little preemie then weight accordingly.

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I’d ask if they would prefer the ‘real’ weight, or if they would rather have a baby that feels right and not as heavy.