How to tone down mottling


Please advise on how I can tone this down.i don’t want anymore complexion layers on her as I’m pretty happy with the color of her skin. Is there anything I can do to tone this down. I was trying some different technique and got a bit carried away lol


I like it!


It’s very pronounced…I was thinking of keeping her a little baldly baby, so I’m worried it’s too much :slight_smile:


I like weird, different and unusual so I am not the best person to give advice, lol!


Number one tip for fixing colors. Use a color wheel like this one.

You want to tone down blue. So use the color across from it. :heart:


Awe Anne!! :joy: TY for the giggle :wink:


TY for the color wheel!! The tones are red and blueish. lol So maybe minty color?


Mint tones down red. Start there with a thin wash. You can always do more washes if needed


Here is a better color wheel. Look for the color you are trying to neutralize and right across from it is the color you need


Thank you…I will give it a try :slight_smile:


Yes, mint tones down red, it will make it more brown. This is not too bright red (at least not on my computer). There is lot of white in the mint and that does make it paler. But in this instance I would use flesh washes to make it less noticeable without altering the red.


I like it


It looks real red to me. But honestly that’s most likely my phone. And not the doll


How about adding a few more layers of the flesh colors you’ve already used on the head? Shouldn’t change the color that way but it would help make the veining look deeper under the skin. And if you stay with the same colors you’ve already used and apply them the same way the skin tones should remain the way you like them.


Thank you I will do that too. Should I bake between each flesh layer?


I would.


If you haven’t baked it yet you should be able to wipe a lot of it off.

ETA: I’m very careful about mottling with blue and purple tones nowadays. I’ve had to strip several reborns for that reason.


I would add flesh layer or umber wash. You could add flesh paint to your matte.


I did some washes and I think she looks really good. I’m leaving her/him bald and want some under the skin details. Doing nails. eyebrows and blushing today, tomorrow eyelashes …home stretch


I just had to strip my second baby. She was so red and blue from the mottling, etc., that she looked bruised up really bad. So, I knew I would never be happy with it, no matter what. So, I just stripped her. This time, I did not do the red the same way, and so far she is OK. Also put the blue/purple undertone on her and it is not looking bad, either. So, I pray I get her done and all will be well! LOL