How to root this type of alpaca fiber hair on a reborn doll?


hello, I received this alpaca fiber hair in the mail a few weeks ago, this is my first time using alpaca fiber hair. It came from Etsy,com by this seller ShangriLaRanch. I was wondering, does anyone know how to root with it? Thank you!!


What is fiber hair?


Its like alpaca type hair


The hair grown by alpacas is called fiber! I think you root like any other I use 42g forked so. . .


Oh, I root with a 40g crown needle☺


I used her hair on two of my babies and it worked great. It roots the same as Mohair.


Aww! hes cute:smiley:. Did you have any issues with his hair not going through is head all the way from the inside?


What an adorable little one and I love your rooting and the color!


No not at all, it is a bit finer than the hair I usually use. I usually use Angela’s mohair. I use a 42g spiral needle. Wish I could be of more help. Maybe someone can chime in that has had this experience…I know this has got to be frustrating!


I got spiral needles from etsy. I have to look at the gauge, I need some motivation to try and root. I did a combo hair once and it was awful lol


I have learned to be careful because the spiral needle can grab a lot of hair, so I work just a few hairs at a time working them up and out in the open so I only grab one or two. But I would do this with most any needle to avoid a plugged look. I have done 2 heads @ with my last 2 spiral needles without breaking, had to retire them because they are dull now lol. I only do bountiful Baby vinyl so far though.


I have a couple of practice heads so will see how it comes out. I need to have my hubby cut them for me so they go into the rooting tool . :slight_smile:


That sounds great!:slight_smile::blush: