How to paint African American baby creases


I was wondering how to paint African American reborn creases. I heard it’s a bit different from painting the caucasian baby creases. Now for the African American creases, what is the right consistency does the crease mix has to be like how thin or thick does the mix has to be?, How do you get the paint mix to that consistency? And what colors do you use? That’s pretty much the 3 crease paint questions I have.:blush:

This for Genesis Heat set paints.


It depends on the skintone of the baby. Some say go 2 shades darker than the skin tone. As far as mixing. Some mix thick with thinning medium. Some just use thinner only or thinner n medium . When I first started, I used thinner. I had to paint them several times. My last reborned baby, I used powders. I hope this helps.