How to measure rings


So, I ordered a Tinky, but it came with no rings or plugs. How do I measure to figure out what size I need. Ashdod, I have a Julia (de Lange) kit, and that one didn’t come with rings or plugs either, and the space for the zip ties is not very big…really narrow.


Yes, she does not have rings or plugs. I ‘sealed’ her limbs with moleskin and use paper glaze in the grooves for smooth movements instead of rings. Have fun! Can’t wait to see your version, Carla. I bought another one and will start painting this weekend.


Oooo, paper glaze, ok…I can do thAt! Ty!


If you have top coat nail polish is cheaper. It works great too


Incase you still want rings and plugs @Mommarobin :slightly_smiling_face:


I tried clear nail polish 9n a test limb, but it just peeled off. Does it have to be a certain brand?