How to make a mini diaper for your mini babies


I just wanted to let you all know that I did a pictorial on how to make those tiny diapers, here is the link: … 5&start=20

Overlook my last post there. I get frustrated when people write me and ask me to help them and then when I do don’t even say thank you. A gal there had sent me a couple of pm asking for help so I finally took time out of my day to post and show how to do it and got no acknowledgement of my efforts.

Just the same, if any of you ever wondered how to do it, check it out!!



That is so cool Elizabeth!! Thank you - now I can make a diaper for my little 5" baby!!!


Thanks For that -very clever of you!!!


Well, I never would have thought of that. How very clever. I’ll try that for my 6"mini.


That is awesome thanks for the info


You bet ladies, glad it helped you!! and it’s alot easier taking a real diaper apart and sewing and glueing it together down to mini size!!



Haha! How cute is that!!


Thank you so much Liz I can sure use your tutorial, that is very generous of you to share. I am going to make some today.


I am in awe…that is such a super idea & you are a super lady for sharing that with all of us…great tutorial!!



Wow! That is so neat; thanks so much for sharing your tutorial with us.


I dont have any mini babies but that is a great idea,very resourceful.


That’s great! Thank you for sharing this tutorial with us. I shall use it to make mini nappies for my friend who sculpts mini babies.


So glad it was helpful!! Thanks ladies!