How to increase your price

So i have been selling locally lately, pretty much at cost, just to get my name out there and get better at painting. But now im starting to think that i need to increase my price to make a profit. Im just worried because i went from not making any sales no matter how hard i tried to selling quite a few and everyone wants the low price. I have a problem with saying no and everytime someone asks me for my normal (at cost) price, i lose confidence and agree. Logically i know that i need to stick to my price and not give in but then i do. Anyone dealt with this before and/or have advice on how to get over this lack of confidence? I would really like to increase my prices in January.

Hope that all made sense.

What do you guys think i should be charging? All my dolls are painted hair/bald currently. Here is some of my latest dolls…


At the very least you should double your cost (kit, paint, bodies, weighting materials, eyes, hair, clothes) and add more for your time.


I agree with at least doubling it, but if you’re not confident enough to start with increasing it that much all at once I would say start increasing slowly. Maybe increase it 50-100$ at a time until you get to double (or more) supply cost.


Keep to your decided price, especially local people would say …so and so got it from you for way less.
If you want to keep going then you need to sell it reasonably to be able to afford more supplies. prices are going up and many don’t offer free shipping under $130 USD .
your babies are cute


When I started out selling locally I only charged cost. I put my price up by $25 increments so the jump didn’t seem so big all at once. You can always say cost of supplies went up, I found that easier than saying I raised my prices.