How to get your kit squeeky clean


We don’t even have one :frowning: lol


I tried this cleaning method and it works great!! I washed one limb with the baking soda/dawn/water mix, and another with my normal dishwasher soap. The baking soda mix limb came out so squeaky clean! I could feel a difference, the limb I used the dishwasher soap still had a feeling of grease on it. Needless to say I re-washed it and washed the rest of the kit with the baking soda mix. It doesn’t scratch because it’s a sudsy paste, it’s very satisfying to use:)


How does the sand paper work? Does it give it texture to stick?


I just tried this and it works great. WAY better than rubbing the kit down with alcohol and then scrubbing with dish soap. It worked much better than that method and with far less scrubbing. I have a nasty connective tissue disorder and too much stress on my joints cause them to come apart and dislocate so thanks for saving my hands, fingers, and wrists @cher_simnitt.


so glad it was a help


That’s the exact same thing I do for cleaning my ceramic top on my stove. Nothing work better. I don’t know why I never think of using this with my kits !


Sand paper scratches the kit! Confirmed!