How to get your kit squeeky clean


Some heatset paint users have had this problem too.


I washed two kits today (Sally Brown and RB Thomas) using this method and I feel it was beneficial. Thank you @cher_simnitt for sharing it with us.
I guess this is like any advice, it may not apply to certain people and it is perfectly okay to scroll on if you are one of those people.


I wash every kit.I use dawn dish soap and scrub it with a toothbrush then rinse off with hot water.

Kits come oily, slimy, stinky, dirty, etc. Some have spots that dont rub off without soap.


I recently started washing my kits in the dishwasher, as some other artists do. It works well so far but I may give Cher’s method a try. I have had the worst time with BB kits being oily after just using Dawn and hot water, more than most other brands of kits. The BB kit I’m working on right now was washed in the dishwasher and the paint is sticking well. I don’t know why some don’t wash their kits. When I have washed my kits by hand I have seen the wash cloth get a dirty look on it after washing the vinyl. The factories are dusty and dirty, and the oils from the mold process stick to the vinyl until washed off.


That is brilliant, @ECNRebornBabies!!! Hate washing kits for some reason, so I can’t wait to try it!! Ever have a problem with water spots?


I just can’t imagine not washing a kit or telling others not to do it. I also am flabbergasted a the sand paper idea. Really?


Dolly, I have less problems with water spots after washing them in the dishwasher than by hand. We have softened water in our house, so I just rinse the kits under our reverse osmosis clear drinking water spout after taking them out of the dishwasher, then let them air dry like usual on the counter top.


Thank you, I appreciate your help. I have used Dawn, Vinegar, but not baking soda. I will try it next time. :smiley: I use air dry paints and anything to help them go on easier is much appreciated in my book.


I just wash mine with Dawn and let them drip dry. Then I finish wiping them fully dry & clean them with alcohol.

I’ve never had a problem with GHSP paint not sticking.


Thanks for the recipe @cher_simnitt - bookmarked!


That’s what I was told too when an ear would NOT take paint for Christmas! I was devastated! The reply from BB said use 600 grit sand paper. It was a 2nd so that’s all they could do. I will not use another 2nds if I have a deadline again!


Thank you for this brilliant idea!! I loaded my dishwasher with kits then went off to shower and get ready for the day, came back to squeaky clean kits that just needed to dry off. Not a spot on them either. Maybe jet dry keeps spots off more than the glassware. Lol


When I had to wash a bunch of kits for a local air dry painting class I teach I washed them in the dish washer and it worked very well for me. We were using the Sadie kits. I usually wash my own by hand but when you have a lot of them to do that is a good method for quick and easy.


I agree That the dish washer method would work great - if your careful not to leave the kit in the dry cycle ( it could get hot enough to melt the kit - much like plastics we all have melted at one time or another ) also I the rinse additive can pose problems with paints sticking so don’t use them - just the plain ol powder dish washer soap


Yes, I thought about the drying causing melting too so I did not run it. I don’t use a rinse additive in my dishwasher and I agree I think it would not be a good idea. I use the pellets that come from Sam’s club that are the same thing as Cascade. The first time I put a kit in the dishwasher it was to try to remove a light smoke smell from a kit I got in a 2nd hand purchase. It worked well for that too.


I’m glad it worked well for you. :blush:

Just a FYI to all: make sure your dishwasher’s heated drying and sanitize option is turned off when washing kits.


The dishwasher seems to be helping with my BB kits as those are usually the greasiest kits I’ve worked with. It gets the extra grease out and the paint seems to stick better.


I was going to say that it seems to get them cleaner than I am able to by hand! The bad thing this that mine is loaded with a rinse agent because it has to be for my dishes to look clean. Don’t know how to run it without dispensing this.


We are probably the only people in the 21st century who still hand wash our dishes. No rinse agent in our dishwasher since we never use it for dishes. :smile:


Nope your not. Have a dishwasher have NEVER used it.