How to get your kit squeeky clean


I have seen several posts about paints not sticking ( both GHSP / airdry) As I said before in another post this is caused from mold release that is hard to get off the kit - we have been testing several things to strip off that mold release and have found a very cheep and easy methoud
Recipe :
1/8 c bakeing soda
4 drops dawn dish soap ( blue )
enough water to make a slightly runny paste
nail brush or baby hair brush

mix up paste and apply to brush and scrub kit well in every noock and crannu as well as all over the surface
rinse when done and then wash in dawn and as hot a water as you can stand ,rinse and your done

you will be amazed at how well this works and your paints will stick


Sounds good! I’ve never had any problems with GHSP not sticking, though.


Thank you @cher_simnitt!! I actually have had this problem recently with a LE kit, and despite the fact that it’s stripped, it still feels a bit buttery for lack of a better word. Makes me hesitant to try to paint again. But I will after trying this.


I have a tutorial by a well know artist and it says do not wash the kit!!


Even for air dry paint users, @Msmimi04?


No, she uses heat set paints and a certain brand of paint thinner.


Thank you Cher! :wink:


Funny you should mention this…i actually skipped the washing the kit step on one of my babies. I just applied a thinned out matte varnish to the kit and baked…then i started painting it. I haven’t had any trouble getting the paint layers to stick!! And since i thinned the matte varnish with thinner it doesnt leave the kit feeling rough.


@Msmimi04 for air dry too?


She uses heat set. So I’m not sure.


this would work for GHSP OR AIR DRY and I really cant see why you would not want that mold release off the kit -


I have been using this and love it. Just wipe the kit down with this first then wash in hot water and Dawn. No scrubbing needed. It strips off the oils easily and effortlessly.


I think I have that same tutorial :wink: I dont wash my kits either.


Make sure that the baking soda is dissolved, or you can possibly scratch your kit???
Always was for Air Dry. Your paint will not stick :frowning:


Thank you. Hope your new year is better than the last.


Thanks for the tip, I am definitely going to try this on the next kit I wash!


It does not scratch the kit - and The paints not sticking have been a BIG problem with GHSP and many AirDry paint so this is a mold release problem NOT a BB or any other co. problem or Paint Brand problem
you just have to get it off - I do not get why you would not wash your kit - those oils and dust /grim could not serve any benifet I can see - but I learn something new every day so if someone could explain this thought I would love to hear


Also I only posted this here to help as I know many are getting very frustrated and someone said when they called BB who ever they talked to suggested using fine sand paper on the kit ( I would sure think that would scratch ) This works very well and is non toxic and easy to use - just trying to help everyone out


i have been using dawn straight from the bottle put a glob in my hands and suds the kit up really well then rinse well. So far that has worked for me


I’m going to throw out a wild guess, @cher_simnitt, that this may be less of an issue with ghsp users. Oil from mold release versus oil paints? Idk. It is, however, a big problem for air dry artists… or can be anyway.