How to get this skin tone


i want this rosey AA skin tone if anyone knows how to achieve it thanks


If you know who the artist is you could contact her and ask.


Me too :slight_smile: Beautiful!


Check out Jackie Ortiz does a series on you tube and I loved the way her baby came out. Hope this helps.


to light :frowning:


That’s just part one not the finished baby


There are like 6 videos


Yes the complete is way different from this tone but thanks hun


I’m sorry :frowning: Hope you can find help :slight_smile: I haven’t attempted an AA baby yet, maybe in the near future.


I wish people who make these videos would not spend 10 minutes doing the same thing on all the parts. I think we get it after the arm.
To make the baby dark, she would have done about 20 layers, maybe more, of various brown shades. My attention span does not stretch to watch all of the videos doing the same thing on every part.


Mine either :frowning:


you are going to want to use your burnt umbers to achieve the red undertones and red skin tones.



This is one of Dionne’s babies. I’m
Not sure of her methods, but this photo has a filter on it. So the real complexion here is unknown.

I would reach out to her and ask what colors she uses to achieve her complexions. All artist have different formulas they use to get their signature color tones!!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


I had a mind so it had a filter on it but thanks guys she responded to me


A lot of the videos will do only one part because, as they say, it would make the video way too long and there is no need to demonstrate the entire kit. I agree with that. No need to watch the entire kit being painted. I think Jackie Ortiz is good and also Videos: Come Reborn With Me.


Hi, you mean the burnt umber will give the baby a red tone look?