How to get super glue off


Please help.

I just dropped a super glue covered magnet on Aspen’s face and in her hair.

6 weeks to make the baby, less than a second to destroy her. :sob:

Is there any way to get super glue off vinyl?


You can try soaking her face in water to soften the glue then try to pick it off.

Unfortunately, online it says the only thing to take off super glue is acetone, which will remove all your paint.

So sorry this happened to you. I use E6000 for gluing magnets.



I heard mineral oil breaks it down.


Fingernail polish remover?


I tried nail polish remover and it took the paint off but not the glue.


If no mineral oil, vaseline or another type of oil. I also read WD40. That stuff is incredible. I would just isolate the area first


Oh my heart is sick for you😢. I hope you can fix it with minimal issues to your baby


Oh no! I don’t know how to fix it. But I’m soooo sorry that happened. Good luck! :tired_face:


That really stinks! I got some super glue on one of mine, but not on the face. I no longer use super glue anywhere near my babies.


The baking soda and coconut oil idea might work without damaging her


Have you had any luck yet getting it off? :grimacing:


Not really. The Vaseline didn’t do anything but seemed the least likely to cause more damage. Now I’m soaking it in water.


Now I’ve got my lighted magnifying glass on and I’m using a rooting needle to gently scratch the glue off one tiny fleck at a time. The paint is going too, but that can be fixed at least!


That is why I will not try any type of glue on the flanges - I am too clumsy.


My 15 yo daughter went to her first concert today with friends and I have been a mess all day. My stupid hands were shaking from anxiety and that’s why I dropped the magnet. :frowning:


I remember when my girls were that age I had anxiety for quite a few years, lol.


I wish I could just keep her safe and with me all of the time, but she has to experience life I guess. :persevere:


I tell my daughter, who has all boys, that you have to prepare them for the next age. Parenting is a hard job. Boys are hard when they are little and girls when the are big, lol. I’m sure you are doing a super fine job.


Thank you. :slight_smile: I needed to hear that.


no advise, but I have done stuff like that:( I was packing a completed custom toddler, and saw a tiny little hair hanging down, on her bangs…(WHICH COULD HAVE BEEN LEFT ALONE) Trimmed it and my scissors slipped in my hand and lightly gouged the bridge of her nose… I was so upset, wrote the buyer right away, even tried to take pics to send her, but it was too little to capture. the lady was so sweet about it, so I refunded her 200.00 for her kindness, and shipped her off… horrible when it happens after all out hard work. hope you can fix it xx