How to clean spot

Hi everyone! So glad to be back up and running again…I don’t know what I would have done without all of your help and suggestions…I just completed my first toddler…got her all put together and notice she has a black smudge or something on her leg…I swear I didn’t see it before, but there it sits! I tried alcohol, and it didn’t come off…any suggestions on what I might try? Thanks! Linda

You might try acne cream…any brand as long as it has 10% benzoil peroxide. You dab it on the spot and let it sit for a day or two before washing it off. It may take more than one application but I have never known it to fail.

I would try winser newton first unless its ink it well likely come off with that

Neva-that was great advise and I also would try that first!!!

Thanks for all your great suggestions…I am off to the store lst thing in the AM.


hey girls…if she has already painted the doll…and then saw the spot, wouldn’t Windsor Newton take off ALL the paint, and not just the spot???

I would use the acne cream and apply a generous amount…sit the doll in the sun…and it might take two or three days…it should come off

Hi texangel-yes you are right the winser/newton willremove the paint in that area but if you are careful it will only be that area and you well likely need to touch up any way-another thought is what well the acne cream do to the paint -it is a bleach and I am thinking it would at the very least fade out the colors if it doesnt react with it -I dont know I guess anything you try well be a chance

I have had good luck with a q tip and non acetate nail polish remover. then use the other end to
wash it with plain water.