How to achieve this painted hair

What would I use to achieve this curly like painted hair? This is not my work or picture. I’m just using it for reference.


That is a beautifully done baby! I know it’s not yours. But, that is what I think about it. Seems to me someone in the past talked about how to do this. Did you look with the search magnifying glass above to the right?

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Some is done with a paintbrush, then it looks like the majority is sponged on. @jlesser has done it a few times.


I love it!! :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:

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I mix matte/satin varnish and black ghsp, then paint it on my sponge (like a mottle sponge) then pounce it on the head. Bake, cool, repeat, until I like it



Thank you.

I did the same thing - sponged it on all over, baked it and then hand-painted little hairs around the hair line and more to define the curl-shape all over the head.

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Do you have any pictures of yours?

I sponged hair on one time and was scared after the first layer that I might not like it after other layers cause I always think the first layer of hair is ugly so I wiped it off and just painted my hair. I should have continued just to try it out but I was too chicken.

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I don’t have her anymore but I did Combi Hair. It is purple as well as her eyes.


Wow!!!that is beautiful hair

Beautiful! Do you have any holes in your sponge or just a flat top?

This is the only one I could find and it doesn’t show it that well…


Looks good

Holes like for mottleing

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