How much weight to buy?



I have sent off my Kelzie by Cheryl Webber kit for reborning but I am going to have to put the doll together! I have a question about weighing her and which body to get. Anyone have suggestions? Here is what I’ve gathered in my cart, but I want to make sure it is right? Is there anything else I need?


The limbs are usually filled to the knees n elbow joint with glass beads. The rest is stuffed with polyfil, which you can get from Walmart or craft store. You will also need a sack of glass beads for the body n the head. Also depends on how heavy or light, you want her to feel. The filling you have in the cart can be used for the body. I heard it’s really soft n light. I’ve never used it.


For a small baby I use Cluster Stuff from Walmart instead of the Baby Fat Pellets, which I have never used either. Larger Babies I use Fiberfil because you want them to be able to sit up because the Cluster Stuff is pretty soft.


2 lb of glass beads might not be enough for limbs, head and body. You need at least 3 lb.

You don’t have to buy plugs for limbs and head to seal them (I do in on my babies), but I would definitely buy a head ring, if the size is available.

Also don’t forget zip ties if the body that you are buying does not come with them.


I have 3 lbs of the glass beads in my cart, plus the 1 lb of baby fat. I like the babies on the heavier side. Do you think this will be ok?


Sorry, that screen image is so small that I mistook it for ‘2’. I never used baby fat in my babies, so I cannot comment how much of that goes into a baby.


Sounds good. I use strings in the head till I am satisfied with the weight in case I have to add more later.


Thank you so much!


You are welcome. Please post your completed baby here. We would love to see her/him :blush:


If you use the baby fat pellets, they have to be encased in a pouch of some sort or they will cause the joints and vinyl to deteriorate. They feel awesome. I’m not sure about that body. She’s got pretty short thighs. 3/4 legs might be better. It could work, though.


Oh wow! I didn’t know that! Would the stockings be fine?


If you double them, they should be okay. Children’s tights are a little thicker. I usually make fleece pouches for mine because they’re so soft.


Thank you!!


You’re welcome.


Is your avatar a Lhasa apso??? They are my FAVORITE


He is a little Shih Tzu! I love the little apsos , so cute!


Awww… The Shi Tzu’s are so sweet – at least the ones I have known. My son has one at his house and if I go over there, she will jump so my arms go around her. :slight_smile: Just precious. I thought about getting me one if my Chi goes to the rainbow bridge and I am still here on earth. The more I think of it the more I realize I am not able to train and take good care of a puppy. They have a lot of energy.