How much do I need to neutralize?

Hi everyone! Wow, I haven’t had to neutralize a kit in YEARS. The belly plate is almost white and the doll kit is normal vinyl color. For reference, the belly plate is by Marita Winters and the doll kit is also by Marita Winters (Ava Noel) but the vinyl colors are different. The customer wants a biracial baby. Do I need to neutralize until they’re 100% the same? This is after about 7 neutralizing layers in natural sunlight outside. I’m not sure now what to do to get it closer to the belly plate color.

I would start adding layers to the belly plate until they match up. You don’t want to end up with a chalky baby by going lighter and lighter…


I also would neutralize the belly plate to match the other parts. It’s easier to go darker than lighter.


Just add the skin layers and continue as I normally would?

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How would I go about doing that?

I would do rounds of primaries till it gets to the same tone, adjusting where needed. Especially since you are going to be doing a darker toned baby.


I would do what @LisaLynn suggested. It might be easiest to strip what you’ve done and start over with primary washes on the belly plate. The head looks like fairly light vinyl, so it shouldn’t take too many washes. It doesn’t have to be an exact match but it should be pretty close.

Thanks! The head was a big darker but I’ve tried to neutralize to head and limbs. I’m now working on making the belly plate darker.

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