How mottling should look?


It’s very tricky lol, figuring out how the paint should look. I guess it’s a learning process that takes a lot of time and patience.


Also, pluck all the outside edges around the sponge so there are no lines. :slight_smile:
I also use the equine tack sponges a lot now too for mottling instead of the cosmetic sponges.

BB has those now and they come with different hole sizes and @JillianJade also sells them.


Don’t over paint- once you’ve painted an area, move on. That could be why it’s looking blotchy but not showing the “circles”. It’s easy to want to go back to cover an area because it looks light, wait until your paint has dried to see if it needs a touch up. The horse sponges are some of the best I’ve used.


Do you all have to wet the tack sponges before using? With thinner?


Thank you :slight_smile: I am in the UK to expensive to order from BB. I’m sure I could find some on EBay. That could be the problem. Also I’m never sure if the paint is mixed to the right consistency. If I make it thin I can’t see it but when I make it thicker I’m not sure if I’ve mixed it to thick. Everyone makes it look so easy lol. I won a beautiful baby on a YouTube giveaway. I would love to paint like that some day.


No, I just apply the paint. Dab it on a paper towel to get the extra off or to see if I have the right concentration, them apply to the doll part. Genesis can be made a bit thicker than watercolor, it just takes longer to cure in the oven.


Thank you :slight_smile: is it easier for a beginner to perhaps just do one mottling layer? instead of doing 3 or would it not look as good with 1?


Some do many mottle layers, some do less. But it’s probably best to do at least three, for translucency. A red, blue, and purple, with maybe a very light yellow is usually good for starters.