How mottling should look?


Hi everyone, I’m new to reborning and I have a question regards mottling.

When I do my mottling it looks like patches of colour on the skin. Is it supposed to look Iike that? Or should it look like little circles? No matter how hard I try and can’t get it to look like the little circles I’ve seen on other people’s work.


Are plucking holes out of the wedge?


I find that you have to just barely touch the vinyl with the sponge to get little circles, you may find a sea sponge helpful as long as the holes are not too big.


Are you talking perfect round circles? Mine are never that. More of jagged circles. I overlap the spot that I just laid down to blend it all together if that makes sense.


Yes I was plucking holes from a cosmetic sponge.


Thank you, I shall try a sea sponge. Maybe I am pressing down to hard. I just don’t seem to get the little circles it’s more like patches if color.


I understand thank you. No not necessarily perfect circles but mine always looks like blotches of colour.


Do you have a picture of the sponge you are using to apply it? That might help us to see if there is an issue with that that might be making it hard for you to achieve the look you are talking about.


it might help if you blot some of the excess paint off on a paper towel before using it on the vinyl


I have been blotting the sponge two or three times on paper towel before I put it on the vinyl.


I’m using a plucked latex free cosmetic sponge.


This is what mine looks like also. I would try lightening your pressure when applying it and see if that helps. Just barely tap it on there. :wink:


It may also be that you have too much paint on the sponge, or that your paint is too thinned out. I know that has happened to me, if the paint is too thin it all runs together and there is no pattern of paint on the limb. Like juliehougue327 says, you do have to use a very light touch, too. I found that I had to really pay attention that as I was pouncing too firmly.


This is my Journey made by my BFF @DancesWithDolls you may be able to zoom in on him and see it , his mottling is perfect!


He’s beautiful :slight_smile:


It’s possible, as I said I’m new to reborning. I shall keep practising.


Hopefully I will get the hang of it with more practice. I love how mottling looks and want it to look nice.


Aww look at him. So glad you’re still loving this little guy… (that cord though lol)


Plucking the holes a little deeper will probably help.


Thank you :slight_smile: I shall try that