How is everyone doing on ebay?


i haven’t listed in a while but looks like babies aren’t selling.

i just went through page after page and hardly any bids, some of the babies were real nice!!


It seems like a lot of babies are selling…but none of them have been mine! I listed my siggy babies…Kaelyn twice and she didn’t sell and I have my A/A Ariella listed for the third time and she has 7 bids…up to $33.00! (I started her at $.99.) It is very frustrating but you could sell yours the very first day. There just seems to be no rhyme or reason to eBay these days, IMO!


youbabies are adorable, doesn’t make sence!!!

i think i am going to wait till nov to list any.


Thanks, Mistee! November may be a very good time to list! Good luck!


Yea, hopefully people will be buying them up for Christmas. November sounds like a good time to list.