How does reserving on work?


I have a baby listed on and a buyer has asked me to hold it until
Friday. I have had several email discussions with her and feel cautiously optimistic that she will follow through with the purchase. I have set the dolls status to Reserved but I have no idea what happens next. I’m assuming no one can buy it as long as it’s reserved, but how does the buyer I’ve been communicating with purchase it when she’s ready? Any tips appreciated!


I invoice mine… but for some reason that’s what I have to do with all of them. It’s fine, don’t care to fix it- saves me the trouble of refunding people who live in areas I don’t ship to.


Most people get a deposit when asked to reserve a doll. When she is ready to pay, take it off of reserve so she can pay the balance. Or send her an invoice through PayPal. Once she pay you can mark it as sold.


I send a PayPal invoice. When the funds are deposited I change the status to ‘adopted’.


Being only few days, I would not mess around with deposits. If she does not pay by Saturday,i would email her saying: “I cannot see that you made a payment as arranged, and therefore I assume you are no longer interested, and I am taking the reservation off.” If she then pays, that is fine.